Awomeso, J. A: Publications


• Thesis/ Dissertation: (a) Factors Affecting Ground Water Level fluctuations in the Nigeria Basement Complex, A case study of Ife Area, thesis presented to the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife for the award of BSc (Hons.) Geology in 1981.

• Interpretation des essais des pompages dans la fluvioglacaire du Bas chablais; (pumping test analysis in the glaciofluvial deposits of Bas Chablais ) thesis presented to the University of Franc Conte, Besancon, France, for the award of M Sc. Degree in hydrology in 1986.

• Qualité des Eaux Soutérraine et les Maladies Hydriques au Nigeria, Ph.D thesis, University of Besancon, 1990. (Groundwater Quality and Water Related Diseases in various Hydrogeological regions of Nigeria).

Articles in Learned Journals


*1 Orebiyi, E.O, Awomeso, J.A and Oyedepo, J.A, (2008)
Assessment of bacteria pollution of shallow well water in Abeokuta, South Western Nigeria. Life Science Journal 5 (1) 59-65

*2 Awomeso Awonusi, Orebiyi Olabisi and Oyedokun Olabamiji, (2008)
Geophysical investigation for groundwater exploration in a Crystalline basement, South West Nigeria. New York Journal of Science 1(4) 19-35

*3 Ufoegbune, G.C, Adeofun, C.O; Awomeso , J.A and Awokola, O.S,( 2007)
Land use change detection of Eleyele and its Environs using Remote Sensing Technique Journal of Trop. For. Res. Vol 23, 29-37

*4 Orebiyi Olabisi and Awomeso Awonusi,( 2008) Water and pollution agents in the 21st century Nature and Science, 6(4), 16-24

*Publications after appointment

Articles in Referred Conference Proceedings:

*5 Arimoro A.O, Arimoro, R and Awomeso J.A. (2004). The Castor Plant and its unique oil: An informative research precis. In: Aduramigba-Modupe, B. O and Gbuyiro, S .O (eds). Climate and Water Resources in the 21st Century: Challenges for Food Securities and Health. Proceedings of the 2004 Annual Conference of the Nigeria Meteorological Society, 32-36
Articles accepted for Publication

*6 Awomeso J.A., Ufoegbune G.C,, Oluwasanya G.O, Ademola Aremu O.O. (2008): Heavy Metal Assessment of Industrial effluents in Water, soils and plants at Alakia Industrial area of Ibadan, South West Nigeria. Accepted for publication in the Journal of Toxicological and Environmental Chemistry (MS# TEC-275)

Articles submitted for review but not yet accepted

• Effect of untreated Sewage dump on the Quality of Groundwater in Iddo area of Lagos, Nigeria (submitted to ASSET).

• An Assessment of Water Supply potential for crop production. Comparative study of River Basin under the jurisdiction of two River Basin Development Authorities located in different Ecological Zones of Nigeria (submitted to the Geographical Journal, 1 Kessington Gore, London SW7, ZAR)

• Human Health and Environmental Risk Assessment of the Alakia Industrial District of Ibadan, South West, Nigeria (Submitted to the Journal of Water Resources Management (WAR M841).

• Towards Effective Planning, Design and Monitoring of Dams in Nigeria (submitted to ASSET)

• Water Demand in Abeokuta and Environs (Submitted to ASSET)

• Rechercher d’une solution plus satisfaisant pour l’interprétation de l’essai dans un puits a drains rayonnantes (Submitted to Journal of Hydrological Science)

• Interpretation des essais des pompages dams le fluvioglacaire du bas Chablais, Haute Savoie, France (Submitted to Journal of Hydrological Science)
Unpublished conference papers read:

Awomeso, J.A, Eedy, W and Akindunni, F. (1998): The application of radarsat remote sensing in hydrological interpretations. Examples from Nigeria. Paper presented at the second international conference of the Nigerian Association of Hydrogeologists at Nicon Hilton Hotel, Abuja, 5-8 November, 1998.

Onyeahialam, A.I, Alvanides, S, Awomeso, J.A. (2007) Analysis of Population risks to Malaria Disease. Paper presented at the Conference on Changing Geographics of Public Health. XIIth International Symposium in Medical Geography, Bonn, 09-13 July, 2007.

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