Dipeolu, A.O: Research

· DFID Sponsored Research Project (A0898) on: The Commercialization of Traditional Foods and Sustainable Rural Livelihoods (1999-2002) (Collaborating Social Scientist).

· European Union Sponsored Research Project on the Development of Small and Medium Scale Enterprises for producing Cassava based products to meet Urban demand In West Africa (2003-2006) (Collaborating Social Scientist).

. Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist, C:AVA project, Nigeria (April 2009 to date)

. Monitoring and Evaluation Advisor to Country Manager, C:AVA project, Nigeria

June 2008 to April 2009 (participated in Value Chain Analysis, Scoping Studies, Gender & Diversity Audit, Skill Gap Workshop)

. Participant, AAU- MRCI Partnership for Regional Food Developers Initiative

Participant, Education Partnerships in Africa, (Developing entrepreneurial skills among graduates of organic agriculture in Nigeria / The work, learn, earn programme (WELP) for developing entrepreneurship in organic agriculture in Nigeria)

. Agricultural Economist, Sweet Potato Value Chain Study in Nigeria, Natural Resources Institute. July 2011 –November 2011.

Research in Progress
• Economic issues in Health and Agriculture
• Economic issues of Food Quality (safety, nutrition, labeling, consumer valuation)
• Production, Marketing and consumption issues of organic produce
• Entrepreneurship development

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