Lawal, O.I’s Research

  • October 2005 to June 2009: Involved in co-ordination of Organic Citrus Research Projects at the National Horticultural Research Institute (NIHORT), Ibadan. This include: 1) Influence of organic-based fertilizers on growth, yield and fruit quality of Sweet Orange (Citrus sinensis var: Agege 1) on an alfisol in Ibadan (2) Performance of Citrus Rootstocks as influenced by different levels of organic and inorganic fertilizers and other research activities.
  • 2002 to 2008: Response of white yam (Dioscorea rotundata Poir.) cultivars to different levels of fertilizers in two soil types in Southwestern Nigeria:- An Organic fertilizer based Ph.D Research Project in the Department of Agronomy, University of Ibadan in collaboration with the Yam Breeding Unit, International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA), Ibadan, Nigeria.
  • 2000-2001: Research Survey Contractor for IITA Ibadan/Cotonou Substation on YAM DOMESTICATION IN NIGERIA: A case study of Kwara and Oyo states of Nigeria, under the auspices of the IITA Scientists (Drs. P. Venier and R. Asiedu). This involved a month of visitation to over ten villages involved in yam domestication in each of the states considered.
  • 2002: A member of team (under the leadership of Prof. G.O. Adeoye) involved in Surveying, contact with farmers and sampling of soils, water and plant materials in the major rice producing areas/ regions of Nigeria.- Presidential project on Agrarian Environment Impact on Nigeria: Covenant with World Trade Order on Rice production in Nigeria and funded by United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP) and National Institute for Social and Economic Research (NISER), Ibadan,  under the leadership of Prof. G.O. Adeoye, Agronomy Department, University of Ibadan, Consultant and Secretary-General SPALNA, I.I.T.A. Ibadan, Nigeria.

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