Akinduti, P.A: Conferences Attended

a) Certificate of attendance, 12th UNAAB Summer Course in Basic Molecular Biology Techniques, Biotechnology Centre, UNAAB (6th-10th July, 2009).

b) Certificate of Participation, Scientific Conference on Immunological Basis of diseases  Association of Clinical Chemists of Nigeria, University College Hospital, Ibadan, 27th April, 2009.

c) Certificate of Participation, Training Workshop on General Laboratory Techniques and Methods, UNAAB , 14th-15th January, 2009.

d) Certificate of participation in E-document and Advance Data Analysis Course, organised by Information and Communication Technology Centre, FUNAAB, 2011.

e) Certificate of attendance, workshop and hand-on training in Bacteria Genetics and Polymerase Chain Reaction Technology, by Daniel and Fola Biotechnology Foundation, Lagos, 2011. 

f) 2nd Annual Scientific conference in Health researches in Nigeria, organised by the Nigerian Institute of Medical Research, Yaba, Lagos. 14th -16th, December, 2009.

g) Maiden conference of the Federation of African Association of Medical Laboratory Scientist,  Theme: 5-8th October, 2011 at Abuja, Nigeria.

h) Paper presentation (Poster) at  the First African Society of Laboratory Medicine International Conference held between 1st to 7th December, 2012 at Cape Town, South Africa.

i) Paper presentation at the 50th Annual Scientific Conference and workshop of the Association of Medical Laboratory Scientist of Nigeria held between 3rd to 7th November, 2014 at Akure, Ondo State, Nigeria.


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