Bamiro, F. O: Research


Completed Works (Sent Out For Publication)

1) Assessment of baking qualities of gluten supplemented yellow nutsedge Wheat flour blends.

2) Production of wine from some Tropical fruits.

3) Quality assessment of some Nigerian Beer Products

4) Comparative chemical analyses of infant foods versus breast milk.

5) An investigation of the analytical performance of an 80MHz Micro-ICP

system with demountable Micro-Torch.

6) Chemical Investigation of consumable fruits in Nigeria as food supplement

and direct mineral source.

7) Assessment of ground-water resource of crystalline rocks of S.W. Nigeria.

Work in Progress

1) Moisture characterisation of Kolanuts in relation to storage.

2) Elemental distribution in well known Nigerian Vegetables

3) Dynamics and origin of Nitrates and chlorides in hand-dug wells of South West Nigeria.

4) Effect of solubility on the qualities of some legumes.

5) Pollution potential of cassava waste effluent.

6) Determination of Heavy Metals in crude oils from different oil wells in the Niger Delta of Nigeria using Inductively coupled plasma Emission Spectrometry (ICPAES)

7) Pollution Potential of Abattoir waste in the major city of south west of Nigeria

8) Characterization of accumulated treated effluent from Brewery industry.

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