Dr. Ajayi, O.L: Research

Research completed but not yet published

1) Biochemical and Histopathological evaluations of Molecular and Nanotechnologicaltoxin binders on some organs of Turkeys fed with diets naturally contaminated with aflatoxin B1.

2) Oviductal intussusception secondary to uterine leiomyosarcoma and chondroidmetaplastic endometrial polyps in an  African cane rat

3) In-vivo and in-vitro lipid peroxidation and reticulocytes response associated with anaemia in Leptospira icterohaemorrhagiaeinfected guinea pigs.

4) Investigation of vibriocidal and antisecretory activities of ogi-tutu, psidiumguajava andvernoniaamygdalinaas alternative medicine in the treatment of cholera.

5) Effects of vernoniaamygdalina and ocimumgrattissimumon haematological, intestinal fluid and histopathology of vibrio cholerae in infectedrats.

6) Isolation and molecular characterization of pathogenic leptospira spp. in slaughtered cattle from two cities in south western Nigeria.

7) Bovine Renal Leptospirosis from Slaughter Houses in Three States of Southwest Nigeria: Histopathological and Immunohistochemical evaluations.

8) Cultural and molecular detection of canine leptospirosis in Southwestern Nigeria.

9) Distribution and localization of pathogenicleptospiral organism in the renal parenchyma: A hallmark of acute or chronic infection in dogs? 

10) Cultural and molecular detection of pathogenic leptospira spp. in wild rats from three south western states of Nigeria. 

11) Renal histopathological changes in rats naturally infected with Pathogenic leptospiral organism.

12) Renal and Hepatic Histopathological changesin canine leptospirosis in South Western Nigeria.

13) Prevalence and Renal Pathology of Leptospirosis in wildlife in Abeokuta, Nigeria.

14) Ocular tumors in domestic chickens: Radiological,Histopathological,Immunohistochemical and electron micrographic evaluations.

15) Prevalence and renal pathology of Leptospira interrogans from naturally infected kidneys of pigs in Oyo and Ogun-States, Nigeria.

16) Effects of Spent lubricating Oil on Feed Consumption,Feed Conversion Efficiency, Growth and Mortality Rate in Domestic Chickens (Gallus gallusdomesticus).

17) Ovarian Adenocarcinoma inNera-BlackChickens in Nigeria: Histopathological, Immunohistochemical and Electron micrograph evaluations.


Research in Progress 

1)  Caprine leptospirosis in Oyo and Ogun State:Isolation, Histopathological and  Immunohistochemical studies.

2) Canine cutaneous tumours in three States of South Western Nigeria: Cytological, Histopathologicaland immunohistochemical evaluations

3)A survey of the abnormalities of the male genitalia of slaughtered cattle in Lafenwa abattoir, Abeokuta.

 4) Field Outbreak of Cavernous Haemagiosarcoma in Isa-Brown Chickens in Nigeria: Histopathological, Immunohistochemical and Electron microscopic evaluations.

 5) Disseminated mycoticaortitis in a Nera-black chicken.

 6) The Prevalence and Abomasal Pathology of Eimeriagilruthi in West African Dwarf goats inSouth Western Nigeria.

7)Cytological and molecular evaluations of popliteal lymph nodes in canine Trypanosomosis.

8)  Regional lymphadenopathy in bovine trypanosomosis: cytological, haematological and molecular evaluations.

9) Vaginal squamous metaplasia and keratinization: cause of reproductive failurein laying birds.

10)  Prevalence and hepatic pathology of clonorchissinesis in African-clawed toad (bufobufo) in Abeokuta, Nigeria.

11)Pathological findings in lungs, heart, kidneys and livers of rats (Rattusrattus) Naturally infected with Angiostrongyluscatonesis in Ibadan, Nigeria.

12)Comparative molecular characterization of pathogenic leptospiral isolates from cattle, pigs, dogs and rats in two Southwestern states of Nigeria.



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