Dr. Mshelbwala F.M: Publications

i. Journal Articles in Print

1. Biobaku, K.T., Yusuf, A.A., Mshelbwala, F.M., Ajibola, E.S., Okediran, B.S. and Akinloye, A.O. (2014). Subchronic Toxicity Study of Khaya senegalensis aqueous extract in rats. Nigerian Journal of Animal Production, 9: 235-243. Published by Nigerian Society for Animal Production.

2. Ajayi, O.L., Oni, O.O., Olaniyi, M.O., Mshelbwala, F.M., Oluwabi, (2013) Sperm Cell Granuloma in a Gobbler (Meleagris gallopavo). Tropical Veterinarian, 31 (1): 42-46, Published by Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Ibadan. Available online at www.ajol.info  

3. Igbokwe, I.O, Iko A.E., Germa, H., Mshelbwala, F.M and Igbokwe N.A. (2011). Severe Bilateral Testicular Hypoplasia in Nigerian Sahel bucks. Turkish Journal of Veterinary Animal Science, 35 (2): 111-115. Published by Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey. Available online at doi: 103906/vet-0909-108 or journals.tubitak.gov.tr  

4. Mshelbwala, F.M., Igbokwe, I.O. and Hassan S.U (2010).  Avian Coccidiosis in chickens in Maiduguri: retrospective case prevalence.  Sahel Journal of Veterinary Science, 9 (2): 1-4 Published by Faculty of Veterinary Medicine University of Maiduguri.

5. Mshelbwala, F.M., and Igbokwe, I.O. (2009).  Severe Bilateral Testicular Atrophy Among Nigerian Sahel Bucks.  Sahel Journal of Veterinary Science. 9 (1):17- 20, Published by Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Maiduguri.

6. Igbokwe, I.O, Grema, H., Mshelbwala, F.M. and Ikpo, A.E. (2009). Unilateral Cryptorchidism in Nigerian Sahel Goat.  International Journal of Morphology, 27 (3): 805-810, Published by Chile Anatomical Society; Anatomical Society of Argentina and an American Anatomical Society.

7. Egbe-Nwiyi, T.N., Olushile, O.M., Mshelbwala, F.M. (2003).  The Effect of Oral Magnesium Chloride Supplementation on the pathogenicity of T. brucei and T. congolense infections in rat. Bioscience Research Communication: 15 (1):1-7, Published by Klobex Academic Publishers.

ii. Journal Articles Accepted For Publication

8. Mshelbwala, F.M., Omotainse, S.O, Ajayi, O.L., Olaniyi, M.O., Adebiyi, A.A., Takeet,M.I., Adebayo, O.O., Kasali, O.B. (2013). Clinical and Pathological Observations Associated with Canine Trypanosomosis in Naturally Infected Exotic Breeds of Dogs in Abeokuta, Nigeria. Nigerian Journal of Parasitology, (Letter of acceptance dated April 26, 2015).

9. Mshelbwala, F.M., Adebiyi, A.A., Ajayi, O.L., Olaniyi,. M.O., Omotainse, S.O. (2015). Foreign body induced hepatic and splenic abscess in an adult female Dangola horse. Tropical Veterinarian. Published by Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Ibadan (in press).






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