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i.  Olaniyi, M.O., (1990).  Combination therapy of Diminazene Aceturate (BereniR) and Non-steroidal inflammatory drugs on trypanosomial infection in mice and rabbits.  Unpublished DVM dissertation. University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria.

ii.  Olaniyi, M.O. (1998).  Comparative haematology, biochemical changes and Dynamics of Erythrocyte membrane Sialic Acid in Experimental Trypannosoma Congelense and T brucei infections in sheep.  Unpublished M. Vet. Sc. Thesis.  University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria.


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3. Ajayi, O.L., Adebiyi, A.A., Oni, O.O., Olaniyi. M.O. and Jagun, A.T (2012).Serological studies on fermented and Unfermented Cassava Diet in chickens. Bull. Anim.Hlth. Prod. Afr. Vol. 60. pp 469-480.

4. Akinloye, O.A. and Olaniyi, M.O. (2012) . Nephrotoxicity and Hepatotoxicity  Evaluation in Wister Albino Rats to Nauclea latifolia Leaf Extracts.Pertanica J. Trop. Agric. Sci. 35(1):  pp593-601

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9. Olaniyi, M.O.,  Akinyemi, A.A., Akande, F.A., Takeet M.I., Ajayi O.L. and Olugbogi E.I.(2010) Observations on the parasites and pathology of gastrointestinal tract of free-range chickens in Abeokuta, Southwestern Nigeria. Nig. Poultry Sc. Journal Vol.7 Pp 116-121

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15. Taiwo, V.O., Olaniyi, M.O. and Ogunsanmi, A.O. (2003).  Comparative plasma biochemical changes and susceptibility of erythrocytes to in-vitro peroxidation during experimental Trypanosome congolense and T brucei infections in sheep.  Israel Journal of Vet. Med. Vol. 58, No. 4.pp. 1-7.

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Olaniyi, M.O. (2005).  Avain Mycoplasmosis: Current trends in Diagnosis, Control and Prevention. Paper presented at Veterinary Clinicians’ Forum of the College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Nigeria.


 (i) Olaniyi M.O. (2010): Comparative changes in serum electrolytes, Urea and creatinine levels during  Experimental Trypanosoma congolense and T brucei infections in sheep. Small Ruminants Research.






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