Elemo, K.A: Publications


  • Elemo, K. A. 1980. ¬†Effects of showing date, crop proportion and seed rate on rice/peanut intercrop. Master of Science Thesis. ¬†University of the Philippines at Los Banos College, Laguna, Philippines, 152p.
  • Elemo K. A. (1982). ¬†Corn/soybean intercrop as influenced by pre-plant tillage, crop geometry and density. ¬†Ph.D Thesis, University of the Philippines at Los Banos College, Laguna, Philippines, 260pp.
Book/Monographs and Chapter in Books
  • Elemo, K. A., V. Kumar and J. O. Olukosi. 1988. Review of research works on mixed cropping in nthe Nigerian savanna. ¬†Samaru Miscellaneous Paper No. 127, 130pp.
  • Weber, G. P. S. Chindo, K. A. Elemo and S. Oikeh, 1995. ¬†Nematodes as production constraints in intesifying cereal-based cropping systems of the northern Guinea savanna. Resource and crop Management Research Monograph No. 17. ¬†International Institute of Tropical Agriculture. ¬†36pp.
  • Weber, G., K. Elemo, A. Award, S.T.O. Lagoke an d S. Oikeh. 1995. ¬†Striga hermonthica in cropping systems of the northern Guinea savanna. ¬†Resource and Crop Management Research Monograph No. 19 International Institute of Tropical Agriculture. 69pp.
  • Weber, G., K. Elemo and S.T.O. Lagoke. ¬†1995. ¬†Weeds in intensive cereal-based cropping systems of the northern Guinea savanna. ¬†Resource and Crop Management Research Monograph No. 20 International Institute of Tropical Agriculture. ¬†28pp.
  • Elemo, K. A. and B. B. Mabbayad. 1980. ¬†Effects of sowing date on performance of rice/peanut intercrop. ¬†Philippine Journal of Crop Science, 5: 22-29.
  • Fisher, N.M., A.K. Raheja and K.A. Elemo. 1987. ¬†Insect pest control for cowpea in crop mixtures. Experimental Agriculture 23: 9-20. (Abstract)
  • Elemo, K.A. and O. Ajayi. 1980. ¬†Effect of nitrogen on stem borer damage in sorghum/millet mixture. ¬†Insect Science and its Application Vol.10, 5: 601-605
  • Olukosi, J.O., K.A. Elemo, V. Kumar and A.O. Ogungbile. 1991. ¬†Farming Systems Research and the Development of improved crop mixture technologies in the Nigerian Savanna. ¬†Agricultural Systems in Africa. ¬†Vol. 1 No. 1: 17-24.
  • Elemo, K.A. and S.A. Shoyinka. 1992. ¬†Reaction of cowpea cultivars to major cowpea diseases under sole and mixed cropping systems. ¬†Agricultural Systems in Africa. ¬†Vol. 2 No. 1: 83-88.
  • Elemo, K.A. 1993. ¬†Farmer participation in technology testing: ¬†A case of agronomy evaluation of cowpea genotypes in the Nigerian northern Guinea savanna. ¬†Agricultural Systems in Africa Vol. 3 No. 1: 39-49.
  • Weber, G., K.A. Elemo, S.T.O. Lagoke, A. Awad and S. Oikeh. ¬†1995. ¬†Population dynamics and determinants of Striga hermonthica on maize and sorghum in savanna farming sysems. Crop Protection Vol. 14, No. 4 pp. 283-290. (Abstract)
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  • Adeosun, J.O., S.T.O. Lagoke, V.O. Chude, W. Ndahi and K.A. Elemo 1996. ¬†Effectivess of cinosulfuron for weed control in upland rice in the northern guinea savanna of Nigeria. ¬†The Nigerian Journal of Agricultural Extension. Vol. 9 No. 1 and 2: 119-134.
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  • Usman, A., K.A. Elemo, S.T.O. Lagoke, J.A. Adigun and S.M. Misari, 1999. ¬†Critical period of weed interference in mize/rice mixture. ¬†Agricultura Tropica et Subtropica Universitas Agriculturae Vol. 32: 41-45.
  • Uyovbisere, E. O. and K. A. Elemo. 2000. Effect of inorganic fertilizer, and foliage of Azadirachta and Parkia species on the productivitry of early maize Nigerian Journal of Soil Research Vol.12:17-22
  • Usman, A.; K.A. Elemo, A. Bala. A. Umar, 2001. ¬†Effect of weed interference and nitrogen on yields of a maize/rice intercrop. ¬†International Journal of Pest Management Vol.47 (4): 241-246.
  • Marley, P.S.; K.A. Elemo, D.A. Aba, I. Onu and I. Akintayo, 2001. ¬†Reaction of sorghum genotypes to anthracnose and grey leaf spot diseases under sudan and sahel savanna field conditions of Nigeria. ¬†Journal of Sustainable Agriculture Vol. 18 No. 2/3: 105-116.
  • Olabanji O.G., K.A. Elemo, V.B. Ogunlela and R. Tabo 2002. ¬†Productivity of pearl millet and cowpea in mixture as influenced by component proportion, cowpea variety and sowing date. Samaru Journal of Agric. Research. Vol. 18: 3-15.
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  • Uyovbisere, E. O. and K. A. Elemo. 2002. Effect of tree foliage of locust bean (Parkia biglobosa) and neem (Azadirachta indica) on soil fertility and productivitry of maize in a savanna alfisol. Nutrient Cycling in Agroocosystem Vol. 62 (2):115-122.
  • Kombiok, J. M. and K. A. Elemo. 2004. Effect of nitrogen and phosphorus fertilization on maize/rice intercropping system at Samaru, northern Nigeria. Ghana Journal of Agric. Science. Vol. 37:3-13.
  • Fasae O.A. Adu I.F., Aina A.B.J.and Elemo K.A. 2009. Production, defoliation and storage of cassava leaves as dry season forage for small ruminants in smallholder crop-livestock production system. Agricultural Tropica et Subtropica. Vol. 42 (1): 15-19.
  • Amujoyegbe, B.J. and K.A. Elemo 2008. ¬†Effects of year season and sowing period on grain yields and yield components of mize-cowpea intercrop at Ile-Ife and Abeokuta, Southwestern Nigeria. Ife Journal of Agriculture. Vol. 23 (1):55-67.
  • Amujoyegbe, B. J., Bamiro, A. S. and K. A. Elemo. 2008. Agroeconomic analysis of fertilizer effects on maize/cowpea intercrop in Ile-Ife and Abeokuta, Southwestern Nigeria In ASSET Series 8. Volume 8 Number 1 (Accepted)
  • Amujoyegbe, B. J. and K. A. Elemo. 2008. Decline in crop productivity in Nigeria: A review of possible strategies to promote self reliance, sustained production and environmental security. In ¬†Asia-Eurasia Journal of sustainable agriculture (Accepted).
  • Oladapo A. Fasae, Folu, I. Adu, Ayobami, B.J. Aina and Kehinde A. Elemo. 2009. Effects of defoliation time of maize on leaf yield, quality and storage of maize leaves as dry season forage for ruminant production. Brazilian Journal of Agricultural Sciences. (Accepted)
Technical Reports/Exhibition Reports/Patents

  • Fisher, N.M., Y.A. Abdullahi, O. Ajayi, A.B. Bello, K.A. Elemo, H.L. Musa, A.O. Ogungbile and J.P. Voh. 1984. ¬†An exploratory survey of the farming systems of southwest Plateau State of Nigeria, 33pp.
  • Ibanga, J.J, J.O. Olukosi, K.A. Elemo, W.B. Malgwi, I.E. Esu., J.J. Owonubi, B. Ahmed, E.T. Adebila, H.L. Musa and G. Lombin. 1986. ¬†Consultancy report on soil survey, crop production and management and economic feasibility of proposed farm of the Northern Nigeria. ¬†Flour Mills Ltd at Kaboji, Duguri and Azara 7 volumes.
  • Omotayo, J.M., K. Elemo and J. Oyedepo. 2007. Mapping of ofada rice production area. Summary of report commissioned by SA II Associates Ltd/GTE. 10pp.


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