Lucas, E. B: Special Assignments

* As a student, membership of the University Military Cadet Corp and one of the Group Leaders (1950 – 1961)

* Member of the Governing Council of the Council for the Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria (COREN) and Chairman, COREN Committee on Education and Training; and Visitation (1978 – 1981).

* Member, Executive of the Western State of Nigeria Branch of the Nigerian Society of Engineers, serving as Treasurer (1968/69).

* Member, Technical Panel to assess and report on the structural integrity of the burnt multi storey building Cocoa House, Ibadan. The Panel reported to the Judicial Committee (Adio Panel) which investigated the disaster (Feb. 1985).

* Member for several years, of the Interviewing and Examining Panel for admission of candidates to the status of COREN Registered Engineers and membership of the Nigerian Society of Engineers. I was in the Ibadan panel from 1975 to 1990s.

* Member, Western State Forestry Advisory Commission 1972 – 1975, 1975- 1979 Appointed by the Governor of the State to serve the interest of Processing Industries.

* Member, 10 – man panel to draft the National Forestry policy for Nigerian 1985. my special Assignment therein was the drafting the portion on Forest Industries and wood Utilization.

* Member, Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) Committee on wood-based Panel Products. Nominated by the Nigerian Federal Government and appointed by the FAO (1966 – 1968, 1975).

* Past member, International Union of Forest Research Organisation, and serving on the ‘Wood Engineering Group.

* Member, 17 – man Advisory Committee on the establishment of a Faculty of Engineering and Environmental Design in the Lagos State University (LASU) Ojo, and Chair man / Convener of the Sub Committee on Engineering and Technology (1985).

* Member of an identical Committee to the above, for the Establishment of Engineering Faculty for the University of Agriculture, Abeokuta.(1999).

* Special member, Ibadan Polytechnic Board of Studies (1977 – 1982).

* Member of numerous ad hoc Committees set up by Governments e.g.
(a) Committee on Post Secondary and Technical Education in the then Oyo State (April 1983).
(b) Committee on Local Production of long fibred pulp raw materials for the paper industries in Nigeria set up by the Federal Ministry of Science and Technology.

* Membership of Editorial Boards for some Journals; e.g.
(a) Chairman, LAUTECH Journal of Science and Technology (2000 – up to date).
(b) Past Chairman, Ibadan Diocesan Journal ‘LIGHT AND LIFE’ 1990 to 2000.
(c) Member of the Editorial Board of the Nigerian Journal of Engineering and Technology and Chairman of the Board for Engineering Education (1978 – 1983) [Appointed by the Federal Ministry of Science and Technology].
(d) Member, Editorial Board of the Nigerian Journal of Forestry (1983 to 1985).

* Member of the Nigerian Standards Organisation Committees to: draft standards on:
(a) The structural use of concrete NCP 1
(b) The use of Timber for construction NCP 2
(c) Specification for wood Poles NIS 06 and the revised version (UDC 314, 315.1; 1980).

* Chairman, National Universities Commission Accreditation Panels to the Engineering Faculties in the University of Ilorin (1990) and the University of Nigeria Nsukka (1990).

* Member, Assessment Panel of Research Grant Scheme proposal for the Science based faculties; appointed by the U. I. Post Graduate School.

* Member of the council / senate Committee to select a Vice-Chancellor for the University of Ibadan (1984).

* Member of the Council / Senate Committee to interview and select the Registrar for the University of Ibadan (1995).

* Membership of Numerous Committees Senate, Appointments and Promotions Committees for Junior Staff and for Academic Staff (U.I) Development Committee (U.I), Works and Payments Committee, careers Board, Capital Projects Implementation Committee, Senior Staff Disciplinary Committee (U.I), U.I. Petrol Station Caretaker Committee etc. etc.

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