Okeleye, K.A: Conferences


  1. Assessment of community structure of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi associated with rice varieties in five states of Nigeria. Paper presented at the International conference on mycorrhizal held at Northern Arizona University Flagstaff, Arizona, U. S. A.

Co-authored with: Babalola, O. A., Olubode, A. A., Atayese, M. O., Dare, M. O., and Adejuyigbe, C. O.


  1. Use of drought tolerance indices as a preliminary evaluation technique in the screen house for some selected upland rice varieties to soil moisture stress at different stress intensities, pp 170-176. In: Baiyeri, K. P., Aba, S., Okechukwu, E., Chukwudi, P., Amuji, F., Osadebe, V. O. and Mbadianya, J. I. (eds.) Proceedings of the 2nd National Annual Conference of the Crop Science Society of Nigeria (CSSN) with the theme “Crop Production and Youth Employment in Nigeria”. University of Nsukka held between 21st and 25th September, 2014.

Co-authored with: Sakariyawo, O. S., Olagunju, S. O., Soremi, P. A. S., Atayese, M. O., Okonji, C. J., Aderibigbe, S. G., Oyekanmi, A. A., Nwilene, F. and Mande, S.


  1. Agronomic Evaluation of some Selected Medium Duration Cowpea Varieties (Vigna Unguiculata) in the Rain Forest Transitory Zone of Nigeria. Proceedings of the First National Conference of the Crop Science Society of Nigeria (CSSN). University of Nigeria Nusuka on the 15th – 19th Sep, 2013.

Co-authored with: Sakariyawo, O. S., Oyekanmi, A. A., Aderibigbe, S. G., Okonji, C. J and Soremi, P. A. S.


  1. Effect of toxicity on agronomic and physiological parameters of lowland rice in moist savanna of Nigeria. Proceeding of the 12th annual conference of the Nigerian Societ for Experimental Biology (NISEB) University of Benin, Benin City, 14th – 17th March, 2012.

Co-authored with: Aderibigbe S.G., Sakariyawo, O. S., Okonji C.J., Oikeh, S. O., Ajayi O., Nwilene F. and Oyekanmi, A. A.


  1. Influence of Legume/rice Sequence and Nitrogen on NERICA rice in Rainfed Upland and Lowland Ecologies of West Africa. The Proceedings of the International Plant Nutrition Colloquium XVI. Held at University of California, Davis. Paper 1423. (http://repositories.cdlib.org/ipnc/xvi/1423)

Sole author.


  1. On-farm evaluation of interspecific rice genotypes for stability performance in fertilizer and no fertilizer environments. Proceedings of the 29th Annual Conference of the Genetics Society of Nigeria. October 11th – 14th , 2004 University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Nigeria, Nigeria. Pgs 183 – 184.

Co-authored with: Ariyo O. J. and C. O. Aremu.


  1. On-farm evaluation of Oryza sativa and interspecific rice cultivars grown with and without fertilizer. African Crop science Conference Proceedings.

Co-authored with: A. Y. A. Adeoti and T. O. Tayo.


  1. Performance of double cropped cowpea in a maize/cowpea strip cropping system. African Crop Science Science Conference Proceedings 5: 1095 – 1101.

Co-authored with: O. J. Ariyo, S. O. Adigbo, A. O. Kareem and O. Oke.


  1. Prescriptive farming and future of Cropping Systems in Agro ecological zones. In Jagtap (ed.) Mitigating the effect of climatic variability on food production. 1-11. Published by IITA and Nigerian Meteorological Society (1998). Printed by INTEC, Nigeria.

Co-authored with: Adetiloye, P. O.

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