Taiwo, A. M: Publications

1. Taiwo, A.M. 2011. Composting As a Sustainable Waste Management Technique in Developing Countries. Journal of Environmental Science and Technology, 4 (2): 93-102

2 A. M. Gbadebo, J. A. Oyedepo and A.M. Taiwo. Variability of Nitrate in Groundwater in Some Parts of Southwestern Nigeria. The Pacific Journal of Science and Technology, 11(2): 572-584 .

3 Awomeso, J.A., A.M. Taiwo, A.M. Gbadebo and A.O. Arimoro, 2010. Waste Disposal and Pollution Management in Urban Areas: A Workable Remedy for the Environment in Developing Countries. American Journal of Environmental Sciences 6 (1): 26-32.

4 Orebiyi, E.O., A.J. Awomeso, O. Martins, A.O.Idowu, O. Oguntoke and A.M Taiwo, 2010. Assessment of Pollution Hazards of Shallow Well Water in Abeokuta and Environs. American Journal of Environmental Sciences. 6 (1): 50-56.
5 Gbadebo, Adewole .M.; Taiwo, Adewale M. and Eghele Ufuoma, 2010. Environmental Aspect of Oil and Water-based Drilling Muds and Cuttings from Dibi and Ewan Off-shore Wells, Niger Delta, Nigeria. African Journal of Environmental Science and Technology, 4 (5): 284-292.

6 Gbadebo, A. M., Taiwo, A.M. and Eghele U. 2010. Environmental Impacts of Drilling Mud and Cutting Wastes from the Igbokoda Onshore Oil Wells, Southwestern Nigeria. Indian Journal of Science and Technology, 3 (5) 504-510.

7 Taiwo, A.M., A.E. Aluko and O.O. Babalola, 2010. Investigations into the Teratogenic Potentials of Lead in Pregnant Rabbit. International Journal of Biological and Chemical Sciences, 4 (3):809-814.

8 Taiwo, A.M., Gbadebo, A.M. and Awomeso, J.A. 2010. Potability Assessment of Selected
Brands of Bottled Water in Abeokuta, Nigeria.
Journal of Applied Science and Environmental Management, 14 (3): 47-52.

9 Awomeso, J.A., Gbadebo, A.M., Taiwo, A.M., and Obayomi, O. 2010. Hydrochemical
Characteristics of Springs in Oke – Igbo, Ondo State, Nigeria.
Journal of Applied Science and Environmental Management, 14 (3):41-45.

10 Awomeso, J.A., Taiwo, A.M. and Adenowo, J.A. (2010). Studies on The Pollution of Water Body by Textile Industry Effluents in Lagos, Nigeria. Journal of Applied Sciences in Environmental Sanitation 5 (4): 337-343.

11. Gbadebo, A.M., A.M. Taiwo and O.B. Ola, 2009. Effects of Crude Oil and Spent Oil on Clarias garipinus: A Typical Marine Fish. American Journal of Environmental Sciences 5 (6): 753-758.

b. Accepted

12 Awonusi J. Awomeso, Adewale M. Taiwo, Olabisi E. Orebiyi and Odjegba Effect of
(2011). Untreated Sewage Dump on the Quality of Groundwater in Iddo Community, Lagos,
Nigeria (ASSET)

13 Gbadebo, A.M. and Taiwo, A.M. and Adeola, A.J. (2011). Assessment of Dissolved Silica
Load in Shallow Groundwater from Tropical Crystalline Rocks: A Case Study of Abeokuta
Metropolis, Nigeria (International Journal of Engineering).

14 Gbadebo, A.M., Taiwo, A.M., Ayedun, H. and Adeola, A.J. (2011). Geochemical Analysis
of Groundwater in Agbara and Environs(International Journal of Engineering).

15  Gbadebo, A.M. and Taiwo, A.M. (2011). Geochemical Characterization of Phraetic
Aquifers in Area of Sango, Southwestern, Nigeria (World Applied Science Journal)

c. Submitted

Taiwo, A.M. Assessment of Runoff- Effects on the Groundwater Quality of Hand-Dug Wells in Obantoko, Abeokuta-Nigeria.

Taiwo, A.M., Arowolo, T.A., Adekunle, I.M. and Adetunji, M.T. Pollution Assessment of Alakata Stream by Poultry Waste Discharge Effects of Poultry Waste Discharges on Water and Sediment Qualities of A Shallow Stream in Abeokuta, Southwest, Nigeria

Taiwo, A.M., Arowolo, T.A., Adekunle, I.M. and Adetunji, M.T. Environmental Impacts of Poultry Farm Operations on Alakata Stream at Isolu in Abeokuta, Nigeria

Ayedun, H., Taiwo, A.M., Umar, B.F., Oseni, O.A and Oderinde, A.A. Potential groundwater contamination by toxic metals in Ifo, Southwest Nigeria

Awonusi J. Awomeso, Adewale M. Taiwo, Gideon, C. Ufoegbune, Agnes, O. Ore and Olabisi, E. Orebiyi. Short Term Assessment of Groundwater Fluctuations in the Basement Rocks of Abeokuta, Southwestern Nigeria.

Awomeso, J. A., Gbadebo, A. M. Taiwo, A. M. and Ogunniyi, I.M. Long term-effect of urbanization on River Ona in Eleyele catchment, Ibadan, Southwest Nigeria

Taiwo, A.M., Ige, S.O. and Babalola, O.O. Assessments of Possible Gonadotoxic Effect of Lead On Experimental Male Rabbits

d. Manuscripts under preparation

Awomeso, J.A., Taiwo, A.M., Morawo, O.A. and Moyosore. Possible Abstraction Sites along Oshun River-Lower Course in Ogun and Lagos State, Nigeria for Sustainable Production of Quality Potable Water

Olabode Akindeji-Oladeji, Julius Awomeso, Adewale Matthew Taiwo and Sunday Abu. The Sustainable Development of Roadways in Africa

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