AbdulSalam-Saghir, P.B: Publications

Theses and Dissertation
1. Undergraduate project, A.B.U Zaria 1998
The Impact of Family Support Programme on the Socio-Economic Development of Women in Sabon Gari L.G.A. of Kaduna State. Nigeria.
2. Master’s Thesis ABU, Zaria 2002 Relationship between Poverty and Natural Resource Use among Rural Women in Birnin Gwari, Kaduna State, Nigeria: Implications for Sustainable Rural Development.
3. Ph. D Thesis Title, UNAAB On going
Contextual Factors Predisposing Rural Youths to the Risks of HIV/AIDS in Kaduna State, Nigeria.


1. Ajiboye Petra .B. and Abdulsalam, S.A (2006): Poverty, Natural Resource Use and Rural Women in Birnin Gwari Area of Kaduna State, Nigeria. Nigeria Journal of Political Science. Vol.10 (1 and 2) pp.125-138
2. Abdulsalam S.A. and Ajiboye P.B (2006) Macroeconomic Implications of HIV\AIDS on Domestic Absorption in Nigeria. Journal of Economic and Social Research. Vol.4.(1) pp.151-168
3. Abdulsalam-Saghir,P.B, Okunlola, O.O.and Adebayo K (2007):Stakeholders’ Perceptions of The Impact of The UNAAB Cassava Fufu Commercialisation Project in Ogun State, Nigeria. Nigerian Journal of Rural Sociology. Vol. 7 (1&2) pp.1-9
4. Abdulsalam-Saghir, P.B,Akinola, M.O. and Abdulsalam S.A.(2007): Agricultural Produce Marketing and Gender Empowerment: A case of Women’s Cross Border Trade in Northern Nigeria. Journal of Farm Management Association Of Nigeria (FAMAN).Vol.8 (2) pp.34-40
5. Abdulsalam-Saghir, P.B. (2008): Women Empowerment and Natural Resource Use: A Model for Choice Consideration in Poverty Reduction Policy. Journal of Sustainable Development. Vol. 5. No.1/2 pp12-18.
6. Ladebo, O.J., Awotunde, J.M. and Abdulsalam-Saghir, P.B. (2008): Coworkers’ and Supervisor Interactional Justice: Corelates of Extension Personnel’s Job Satisfaction, Distress and Aggressive Behavior. Journal of Behavioral and Applied Management. Vol. 9, No.2 pp206-225 ISSN 1930-0158.
7. Akinola, M.O., Omokore, D.F. and Abdulsalam-Saghir, P.B.(2008): Effects of Irrigated Agriculture on Farmers’ Livelihood in the North-West Zone of Nigeria: The Agro-Ecological Perspectives. Journal of Educational Research and Development.Vol.3 No. 1 pp 318-325.

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