Amolegbe, S. A: Conferences Attended

  1. Amolegbe, S. A. , Adewuyi, S. , Akinremi, C.A., Lawal. A, and Atayese, A.O (2011) Metal Complexes of Sesquiterpene lactone (Artesunate) and (N^O ) Ligands: Synthesis, Characterization and Antimicrobial Activities, 1st Joint International Conference between University of Ilorin and Cape Town University of Technology, South Africa.
  2. J. A. Obaleye, S. A. Amolegbe, W-H, Sun, M. D. Oshodi. Some metal complexes of artemisinin derivatives and chromium (III) tridentate imino-pyridine substituted schiff base (N^N^N) – ethylene polymerization reaction. 39th International Co-ordination Chemistry Conference (39ICCC), Adelaide Australia, Book of Abstract, (July 25 – 30, 2010) p.24.
  3. J. A. Obaleye, S. A. Amolegbe , W-H, Sun, M. D. Oshodi. Synthesis, Charac. and Antimicrobial Activities of some late transition metal Complexes Bearing (N^O ) Protected Ligands, 33rd International Conference of Chemical Soc. of Nig. Book of Proceedings (Sept. 20 – 24, 2010) . Accepted.
  4. Adewuyi S., Amolegbe, S. A., Ojo, I. A. O., and Sun W.H.. A New Route for the Synthesis of Ethyl 6-(1H-benzo [d] imidazol-2-yl) pyridine-2-carboxylate (EBIPC) and Application of its Nickel Complex towards Ethylene Catalytic behavior,33rd International Conference of Chemical Soc. of Nig. Book of Proceedings (Sept. 20 – 24, 2010) . Accepted.
  5. Amolegbe, S.A.; Obaleye, J.A., Kareem,S.; and Nkwusi,G.C. (2008) .Synthesis, Analysis and Antimicrobial Activity of some Metals Complexes of Salicylic acid and Ampicillin , CSN Delta Conference Proceeding, vol II: 24-30 Editor F.E Okieimen.
  6. Obaleye,J.A., Amolegbe,S.A., and Balogun,E.A. (2008) .Ni (II) and Zn(II) Complexes of sulphonamides drugs: Synthesis,Characterization and Toxicological Studies , 6th NISEB Conference Proceeding,: 147-156 Editor F.O Fafioye.
  7. Obaleye, J.A., Amolegbe, S.A., and Gbotoso,G.O. (2006) Some Metal –Antimalarial Drug Complexes : Synthesis Characterization and Their Effect Against Malaria Parasites, 2nd Int. Conferences Proceeding,(ICSND), COLNAS, UNAAB. Editor I.C Eromosele & T.O.S Popoola.
  8. Obaleye, J.A.; Amolegbe, S.A.; Balogun, E.A.; and Gbotoso, G.S. (2004) Synthesis and in vivo evaluation of Fe(III),Co(II) and Zn(II) ,Complexes of Mefloquine Against Plasmodium (NK65clonne) in Animal Model , CSN Edo Conferences Proceeding,:70-73.Editor F.E Okieimen



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