Atayese, M.O: Research

Plant nutrition with special reference in mineral – water relations of plants and arbuscular mycorrhizal symbiosis


i. Effect of Organic fertilizer on Maize intercropped with Sweet Potato

ii. Screening of Rice for Drought Tolerance and Double Cropping.

iii. Moisture Stress tolerance of Selected NERICA varieties Inoculated with Arbuscular

Mycorrhizal Fungi(AMF) G. mosseae

iv. Effect of fertilizer types on Drought Tolerant Maize intercropped with soybean in Forest Savannah Ecology.


v. Effect of Tillage Technique and fertilizer rate on Field Grown Maize Varieties.

vi. Effect of Tillage Technique on Arbuscular Mycorrhiza population, infectivity, P-N Uptake and Yield of Maize.

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