Bamgbose, J. T: Publications

(a) Theses and Dissertation

Ogundipe, J.T (1986): Effect of Oxidation on Human Hemoglobin’s. Chemistry Department, University of Ibadan. B.Sc. Project Report.

Ogundipe, J.T (1987): Kinetics of Reactions of 2,2 – Dithiobispyridine with human Methemoglobin Ao in the presence of Inositol Hexaphosphate M.Sc. Dissertation, Chemistry Department, University of Ibadan.

Bamgbose, J.T (1998): Sulfyhydryl group reactivity with 2,2 Dithiobispyridine and Thermodynamics of the binding reactions of inositol hexaphosphate with human methemoglobin A,S,C and their azide complexes. Ph.D thesis, Biophysical Lab. Chemistry Department, University of Ibadan.

(b) Papers in Learned Journals

1. Bamgbose .O., Ogundipe, J.T and Akinpelu, A.T (1991): “Effect of Processing on the level of Iron in some common Nigerian peppers”Nigerian Food journal, Vol. 9, 154 – 158.

2. Ogunmola, G.B, Bamgbose, J.T and Demehin, A.A (1999): Reactivity of 2,2 – Dithiobispyridine with human methemoglobin A,S,C and their Azide complexes. Nigerian Journal of Genetics. Vol. 14:69 – 77

3. Olanipekun, E.O. and Bamgbose, J.T (1999): kinetics of chromium and manganese dissolution from a Titanium mineral. Transaction of the Institute of Metals. Vol. 52 (23): 87 – 91.

4. Olanipekun, E.O. and Bamgbose, J.T (1999): Reaction kinetics for the leaching of impurities from rock phosphate.

Pakistan Journal of Science and Industrial Research. Vol. 41 (3): 116 – 120

5. Ogunmola, G.B., Bamgbose, J.T and Demehin, A.A (1999): Reaction of azide ion with chemically modified human methemoglobins A,S and c. Bioscience Research Communications. Vol. 12 (i) 45 – 54.

6. Bamgbose, J.T., Demehin, A.A. and Adewuyi S. (2004). Effect of Raw and Processed African Yam Bean Seed Flour on the Red Blood Cells of Winster Albino Rats. West African Journal of Foods and Nutrition Vol. 7 No 1, 58 – 64.

7. E.O. Dare, G.A., Olatunji, D.S. Ogunniyi, S.O. Oguntoye and J.T Bamgbose (2006). Living Copolymerization of Propylene and ethylene with [t – Bu NsiMe2Flu] TiMe2/MAO catalyst system: Effect of MAO /Ti ratio. Journal of Scientific and Industrial Research Vol. 65. pp 578 – 581.

8. S.O. Okeniyi, J.A Kolawole, M.T. Odunola, O.A. Babatunde and J.T. Bamgbose (2006). Kinetics of light Induced Degradation of Aqueous solution of Chlorampheniol. Research Journal of Applied Sciences 1 (1-4) 123-127.

9. G.B. Ogunmola, J.T. Bamgbose and A.A. Demehin, (2007). Equilibrium Reaction of human Methemoglobin. Ife Journal of Sci. 9(2), 225-229.

10. O. Bamgbose, B.O Opeolu and J.T Bamgbose (2007). Level of Cadmium,Lead and Zinc in Urine of Randomly Selected Smokers and non-Smokers Resident of Abeokuta City, Nigeria. Research Journal of Applied Sciences 2 (2): 192 – 197.

11. O. Bamgbose, B.O Opeolu, O.O. Odukoya, J.T Bamgbose and G.O Olatunde (2007). Physcio-chemical characterization of leachates and generated from simulated leaching refuse from selected waste Dumps in Abeokuta City. Journal of Chemical Society of Nigeria. Vol. 32 (No1 ) pp 117 – 125.

12. J.T. Bamgbose, E.O Dare, B.J. Samuel and J.C Ajaelu (2007). Swelling Equilibrium and sorption kinetics of polyvinyl acetate film. Journ. Chem. Sci. Nig 32(2): 144-150.

13. J.C. Ajaelu, J.T. Bamgbose, B.O. Atolaiye and A.A. Adetoye (2008). The uses of methemoglobin complex in estimating cyanogens potential of cassava and cassava products. African Journal of biotechnology vol. 7(10), 1585-1587.

14. J.T Bamgbose, and O. Bamgbose, (2008): Effect of Methyl Bromide on the ß-93 Sulfhydryl groups of Human and Mouse Hemoglobin.Journal . Chem. Sci of Nig. 33 (1), 47-55.

15. O. Bamgbose, T.A., Arowolo and J.T. Bamgbose, (2008). Concentration of selected mineral elements in commercial infant marketed in Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria. Journal . Chem. Sci of Nig. 33 (1), 37-42.

16. S.O. Okeniyi, C.A. Obafemi, J.T. Bamgbose, P.A. Egwaikhide and E.E. Akporhonor. (2007). Studies on Analgesic activity of Azadirachta Indica (Neem) leaves extract and honey combination in mice. Chem. Tech. journal, Vol. 3, pp. 538-544

17. J.T Bamgbose, G.B. Ogunmola and A.A Demehin, (2009): The reaction of Inositol hexaphosphate with human methemoglobin A and S. Journal of Chemical Society of Nigeria. Vol 34 (1)


*(18) O. Bamgbose, B.O. Opeolu and J.T Bamgbose (2008): Zinc concentration profile of breast milk in selected women in Abeokuta town.

Nigeria Journal of Nutrition Sciences.

*(19) Bamgbose J.T, Adewuyi S., Bamgbose O. and Adetoye A.A., 2008. Adsorption kinetics and cadmium and Lead by chitosan. African Journal of Biotechnology.

**(20) O. Oladega Soriyan, Olanrewaju Oluyomi and J.T. Bamgbose 2009. The effect of mixed surfactants of sodium dodecyl sulphate (SDS) and Triton X-100 (TX-100) on the base hydrolysis of malachite green. Reaction kinetics and catalysis letters.

**(21) Bamgbose, J.T., Ademuyiwa O., and Bamgbose O. (2009). Blood lead level and its effects on occupationally exposed workers in Abeokuta, Nigeria. CATRINA: The Egyptian Society for Environmental Sciences.

**(22) A.A. Taiwo, M.T. Adetunji, J.O. Azeez and J.T. Bamgbose (2009). Potassium supplying capacity of some tropical alfisols in South West Nigeria as measured by intensity, quantity and capacity factors. Nutri. Cycl. Agroecocyst.


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