Olujimi, O. O: Publications

1. Oluwadare, I. and Olujimi, O. O. 2009. Effect of three different drying techniques on the proximate composition of five different green leafy vegetables. Africa Journal of Bioscience Vol 2 (1): 34-37

2. B. O. Opeolu, O. O. Adenuga, P. A. Ndakidemi and O. O. Olujimi. 2010. Assessment of phyto-toxicity potential of lead on tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum L) planted on contaminated soils. International Journal of Physical Sciences Vol. 5 (2), pp. 068-073.

3. Ajuwon, O.R., Bada, B.S. and  Olujimi, O. O. 2010. Growth and antioxidative responses to Cadmium in Kenaf.  Fresenius Environmental Bulletin  (In press).

4. Olujimi, O. O., Odendaal, J.P., Okonkwo, O.J. and Fatoki, O.S. 2010. A review on Endocrine disrupting chemicals (Phenol and Phthalates) in the South African environment: A need for more monitoring. Water SA (In press).

5. Olujimi, O. O., Fatoki, O.S., Odendaal, J.P. and Okonkwo, O.J. 2011. Development and validation of solid-phase extraction method for the analysis of eleven phenolic priority pollutants in water samples using a newly launched column. (In press).

6. Olujimi, O. O., Fatoki, O.S, and Odendaal, J.P. 2011. Method development for simultaneous determination of phthalate and eleven priority phenols as tert-butyldimethylsilyl derivatives in grab samples from wastewater treatment plants using GC-MS in Cape Town, South Africa (In press).

7. Adeosun, F.I., Omoniyi, I.T.,  Akegbejo-Samsons,Y. and Olujimi, O.O. 2010. Heavy metals contamination of Chrysichthys nigrodigitatus and Lates niloticus in Ikere gorge, Oyo state, Nigeria. (In press)

8. Olujimi, O. O., Fatoki, O.S, and Odendaal, J.P. 2010. Occurrence and Removal of Heavy Metals in Wastewater Treatment Plants in Cape Town and Stellenbosch (Submitted).

9. Adeosun, F. and Olujimi, O.O. 2010. Water quality, fish diversity and catch assessment of University of Agriculture Abeokuta reservoir. (Submitted)




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