Rahman, S.A: Conferences Attended

i. Oguntoke, P.C. Olukunle, J.O. Rahman, S.A. and Anise, E.O. (2009).  Anti-flammatory Potential of Jatropha,  carcus in wistar Albino Rats: A paper presented at the 25th Annual Conference of the Nigeria Institute of Science Laboratory Technology, 4th – 7th Nov. 2009 Makurdi Benue State. 

ii. Okwelum, N, Iposu, S.O. Sowande, O.S., Smith, O.F, Takeet, M.I. Olugbogi E.I and Rahman, S.A. (2011).  Prevalence of Trypanosome infection in Trade Cattle at slaughter in Lanfewa Abattoir, Abeokuta Nigeria: In proceeding of 5th Pan Commonwealth Folia Veterianaria Conference Accra, Ghana  pg 239-241.


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