Thomas, F.C: Publications

Effects of Palm oil, Benzyl Benzoate and Doramectin on mange in rabbits in Zaria area of Kaduna state.(2001) Sackey A.K and Amode Funmilola

Aquired Incisor Malocclusion in an adult buck.(2007). NVMA National conference Imo,2008; proceedings. Thomas F.C, Ajayi O.L,Adenubi O.T, Adeleye E.O, Olaniyi O.M, Adeleye A.I, Agbaje M.
Toxicological effects of the leaves of aqueous extracts of the leaves of Acalypha wilkesiana in rats.

Olukunle J.O, Jacobs E.B, Ajayi O.L, Biobaku K.T, Adenubi O.T, Ajibola E.S ,Thomas F.C, Sogebi E.A.O, Adebowale O.O, and Amusan A.T.
Paper submitted for review in journal of Recent Progress in Medicinal plants.
Effects of administering a combination of vitamin A and E on both fertility and hatchability of Anak 2000 breeders.Fasanmi O.G,Ajibola E.S,Biobaku K.T,Ajayi O.L, Okediran B.S,Olurode S.A, Thomas F.C,Adebayo A.O. (In press)

Hexamethonium produces both twitch and titanic depression without fade in common African toad (bufo regularis). Nigerian journal of physiological sciences. (in press) Ajibola E.S, Adebayo A.O, Adenubi O.T, Thomas F.C,Rahman S.A, and Oguntoke P.C.,
Oropharyngeal and oesophageal pathology. A sensitive indicator of naturally induced hypovitaminosis A in domestic fowls . Ajayi O.L, Omotainse S.O, Olaniyi O.M, and Thomas F.C.

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