Adejuyigbe, C.O: Publications

  • Adejuyigbe, C. O. 2001. : Effects of Fallow Legumes on Soil Microarthropods under Humid Tropical Condition. (Ph. D thesis)
  • Adejuyigbe, C. O. 1994. Soil Microarthropods and Litter Decomposition under different cropping Systems and fallow Managemnet in the Humid Tropics. M. Sc. Dissertation..
  • Adejuyigbe,C. O. 1989. Phosphorus Adsorption Capacity of Soils of South-Western Nigeria. B. Agric. Project Report. Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife Oyo State, Niger
  • Tian, G., M. A. Badejo and C. O. Adejuyigbe.: 1997. Soil faunal activity as an importation component of soil fertility through influencing decomposition. African Soils 28: 579-590.
  • Adejuyigbe, C. O., G. Tian, G. O. adeoye and B. T. Kang: 1997. Impact of land use practices on soil microarthropod population. African soils. 28: 499-505.
  • Tian, G., C. O. Adejuyigbe, G. O. Adeoye and B. T. Kang. 1998. Role of soil microarthropods in leaf decomposition and N release under various land-use practices in the humid tropics: Pedobiologia. 42: 10-19
  • Adejuyigbe, C. O., G. Tian and G. O. Adeoye: 1999. Soil microarthropod populations under natural and planted fallows in southwestern Nigeria: Agroforestry Systems47: 263-272.
  • Adejuyigbe, C. O., G. Tian and G. O. Adeoye: (2005). Effect of soil microarthropods on nutrient release of decomposing litter with contrasting chemical composition: Moor Journal of Agricultural Research. 5(2): 95-101.
  • Adejuyigbe, C. O., and G. O. Adeoye: (2005). Organic Matter Fractions and Microarthropods Population in Soils under different Environmental Conditions: Nigerian Journal of Soil Science 15:60-67.
  • Adejuyigbe, C. O., G. Tian and G. O. Adebayo (2006). Influence of soil microarthropods on the decomposition of leguminous plant residues: ASSET. 6 (1): 259-269.
  • Adejuyigbe, C. O., G. Tian and G. O. Adebayo: 2006. Microcosmic study of soil microarthropod and earthworm interaction in litter decomposition and nutrient turnover: Nutrient Cycling in Agroecosystems 75: 47-55.
  • Salako, F. K., P. O. dada, C. O. Adejuyigbe, M. O. Adedire, O. Martins, C. A. Akwuebu, and O. E. Williams: (2007) Soil strength and maize yield after top soil removal and application of nutrient amendments on a gravelly Alfisol toposequence: Soil & Tillage Research 94:21-35.
  • Oyebode, O. S., M. T. Adetunji, J. O. Azeez and C. O. Adejuyigbe: (2008). Evaluation of phosphorus needs of maize using sorption parameters: Nigerian Journal of Soil Science.( Accepted for publication in Volume 18)

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