Adeleye, O.E: Conferences Attended

Conference Papers
1. OE Adeleye, JO Olukunle & AF Makinde. Canine babesiosis: A modified management regimen. NVMA 44th Congress Book of Proceedings: 305; 2007.

2. JO Olukunle & OE Adeleye. Effect of Synedrella nodiflora gaertn on the leucocytes of rats. NVMA 44th Congress Book of Proceedings:152-154; 2007.

3. Adeleye OE, Adeleye AI and Ajayi O L. Infectious Bursal Disease in a flock of Black Nera pullets in Abeokuta: A Case Report. NVMA 46th Congress Book of Abstracts: 65; 2009.

4. Adeleye OE, Adeleye AI, Abakpa SAV and Takeet MI. Congenital Brachygnathia in a bullmastiff puppy: A Case Report. NVMA 46th Congress Book of Abstracts: 66; 2009.

5. Unpublished Conference, Workshops/Seminars in the last 5 years and papers  read N/A.

6. 17th Meeting of the European Endocrine Society, held at the Institute of Education, University of London, From 19th -21st Nov 1986

7. Annual Meeting of the Society for the Study of Fertility  (SSF), held at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, from 14th – 16th Jul 1988.


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