Afolabi, T. A: Publications

 Olu-Owolabi B.I., Afolabi T.A., & Adebowale K.O. (2009): Pasting, thermal, hydration and functional properties of annealed and heat-moisture treated starch of sword bean (Canavalia gladiata). International Journal of Food Properties (in print).

 Ogundiran O.O. and Afolabi T.A. (2008): Assessment of the physicochemical parameters and heavy metals’ toxicity of leachates from municipal solid waste open dumpsite. International Journal of Environmental Science & Tech., 5 (2), 243-25.

 Adebowale K.O., Afolabi T.A., & Olu-Owolabi B. I. (2006): Functional, physicochemical, and retrogradation properties of sword bean (Canavalia gladiata) acetylated and oxidized starches. Carbohydrate Polymers, 65, 93–101.

 Adebowale, K. O., Afolabi T.A., and. Olu-Owolabi B.I. (2005): Hydrothermal treatment of finger millet (Eleusine coracana) starch. Food Hydrocolloids, 19, 974-983.

 Lawal O.S., Afolabi T.A., Adebowale K.O., Ogunsanwo B.M., & Bankole S.A. (2005); Effects of selected hofmeister anions on functional properties of protein isolate prepared from lablab seeds (Lablab purpurus). Journal of the Science of Food & Agriculture, 85, 2655-2659.

 Adebowale K. O., Afolabi T.A., and Lawal O. S. (2002): Isolation, chemical modification, and physicochemical characterization of bambara groundnut (Voandezeia subterranean) starch and flour. Food Chemistry, 78, 305 – 311.


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