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Articles in Learned Journals

  1. Ajibola E.S, Adebayo A.O, Thomas F.C, Rahman S.A, Gbadebo A.M, Odubank T.A(2009): Hexamethonium produces both twitch and titanic depression without fade in the common African toad. (Bufo regularis) Nigeria Journal of Physiological Sciences. 24 (2); 107-10.
  2. Ajadi R.A, Olusa T.A, Smith O.F, Ajibola E.S, Adeleye E.O, Adenubi O.T, Makinde F.A (2009): Tramadol improved the efficacy of Ketamine-Xylazine anaesthesia in young pigs. Veterinary Anesthesia and Analgesia. 36 (6); 562-566. 
  3. Ajibola E.S, Adeleye O.E, Okediran, B.S, Rahman, S.A. (2010): Effects of intragastric administration of the crude aqueous leaf extract of Anarcardium occidentale in rats. Nigerian Journal of Physiological Sciences. 25(3).
  4. Ajibola E.S, Oyewusi I.K, Okediran B.S, Thomas F.C, Rahman S.A. (2009): Effects of Administration of crude aqueous leaf extract of Anacardium occidentale on the isolated rabbit intestine. ASSET 9 (1) 
  5. Fasanmi O.G, Ajibola E.S, Biobaku K.T, Ajayi O.L, Okediran B.S,Olurode S.A, Thomas F.C, Adebayo A.O. (2009): Effect of administering a combination of vitamin A and E on both fertility and hatchability of Anak breeders. ASSET 9 (2) 
  6. Okediran, B.S, Ajibola, E.S., Biobku, K,T.,Thomas, F.C.,Rahman, S.A.,Anise, E.O (2010): in vivo effects of lead on haemogram and hepatic enzymes.  folia  veterinaria54,4:214−217.
  7. Ajibola, E.S., Rahman, S.A., Adebayo, A.O., Thomas, F.C., Biobaku, K.T.(2011) Normal Electrocardiogram of the Nigerian local  Dogs: QT, PQ, RR intervals and heart rat interrelationship. folia veterinaria, 55, 4:115−119.
  8. Ajibola, E.S., Rahman, S.A., Adebayo, A.O., Thomas, F.C., Biobaku, K.T., Gbadebo, A.M.(2010): Evaluation of the Proarrythmic potential of parenterally administered Diminazene aceturate in the Nigerian Local dogs. folia veterinaria, 54, 4:201−207 
  9. Biobaku, K,T., Ajagbonna, O.P., Omotainse, S.O., Ajibola, E.S., Oyewusi, I.K.(2009). Effects of Wheat bran and Diminazene Aceturate on the Pathogencity of Trypanosoma brucei in Rats. Nigerian Journal of Parasitology. 30; 2
  10. Biobaku, K.T., Abodunrin, C.O., Ajibola, E.S., Adenubi, O.T., Olukunle, O.J., Thomas, F.C. (2009): Trypanocidal Effects of Aqueous Extracts of Khaya senegalensis and Allium sativium with natural Magnessium Supplements in rats. Nigerian Journal of Parasitology. 30,2, 
  11. Okediran, B.S., Ajibola, E.S., Olaniyi, M.O., Oladele, G.M., Thomas, F.C., Rahman, S.A., Adekunle, M,A. (2010): Haematologiccal and Biochemical changes following Lead toxicity in male wistar rats. folia veterinaria. 54, 3,126−129.
  12. Okediran, B.S., Rahman, S.A., Ajibola, E.S., Biobaku, K.T., Thomas, F.C.(2011): Biochemical  Parameters  of Liver and  Kidney functions  in rats Experimentally exposed to Lead. folia veterinaria. 55, 1, 2011
  13. Olukunle, J.O., Ajibola, E.S., Biobaku, K, T., Akinkuotu, O.A. Effects of  Lippia multiflora leaf extract on semen of  Wistar rats. (2012) Nigerian Journal of Animal Production. Vol 39 Pg 172-178 
  14. Ajibola, E.S., Oyewale, J.O.  Relationship between some Plasma Electrolyte and Electrocardiographic indices of Trypanosoma brucei infected dogs. Turkish Journal of Veterinary and Animal Science (in press)
  15. Ajibola, E.S., Oyewale, J.O. A six-lead electrocardiograam of Trypanosoma brucei infected dogs. Turkish Journal of Veterinary and Animal Science (in press)
  16. Ajibola, E.S., Oyewale, J.O.  Effects of Trypanosoma brucei on some electrocardiographic repolarisation indices of dogs. Turkish Journal of Veterinary and Animal Science (in press).
  17. Ajibola, E.S, Okediran, B.S, Biobaku, K.T, Rahman, SA, and Adenubi, O.T: Electrocardiographic effects of  Propofol anaesthesia in puppies premeditated with Ketamine or Tramadol. Bulletin of the veterinary institute in pulawy(in-press).
  18. Ajibola E.S., Rahman SA., Ademolu KO., Biobaku KT., Okwelum N: Preliminary investigation on the effects of crude extract of snail mucin from the giant African land snail on the heart functions. Indian journal of Experimental biology (in-press)
  19. Biobaku, K.T., Yususf, A.A., Mshebwala, M.A., Ajibola, E.S.  Sub acute toxicity study of Khaya senegalensis aqueous extract in rats. Nigerian Journal of Animal Production (in-press). 



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