Azeez, J.O: Research

(i) Completed

  • Dendroremediation: Evaluation of the Heavy Metals Remediation Potential of Cashew (Anacardium occidentale) with the Application of EDTA in Soils of Contrasting Reaction.
  • Evaluation of the Potassium Supplying Abilities of Three Animal Manures: An Incubation Study.
  • Effect of manure types and period of incubation on phosphorus sorption indices of a weathered tropical soil.
  • Evaluation of ground eggshell as a liming material in a tropical Alfisol in South western Nigeria.
  • Dynamics of carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium under different Tithonia diversifolia management systems in a tropical Alfisol: A greenhouse bioassay
(ii) In progress
  • Evaluation of the effect of automobile traffic on soil depth distribution of heavy metals and its implication on cultivated crops.
  • Evaluation of some indigenous plant species useable as heavy metal extractants.
  • Chemical characterization, stability and agronomic evaluation of liquid organic manure.
  • Effect of acidification media on the lead and cadmium uptake by maize.

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