Babalola, O.A: Conferences

  • Olasantan, F.O., Babalola, O.A., Olowe, V.I.O., Philip, B.B., Olowokere, F.A. and Aiyelaagbe, I.O.O. (2006) Proceeding of the Second conference on Organic Agriculture in Nigeria Pp 60-65.
  • Babalola, O.A and Olowookere F.A (2005) Contributions of green legumes to maize growth and Soil fertility. Proceedings of First Conference on Organic Agriculture in Nigeria. Pp 93-98.
  • Philip, B.B, Aiyelaagbe, I.O.O and Babalola, O.A (2005). Component interactions and productivity of a plantain/fluted pumpkin mixture in response to poultry manure application. Proceedings of First Conference on Organic Agriculture in Nigeria. Pp 202-207.
  • Babalola, O.A. (2005) A short report on practices ready for dissemination to farmers through on-farm adaptive research. New horizons in specialist extension support system in Nigeria. A workshop on farm demonstration organized by AMREC, UNAAB. Pp 51-54.
  • Babalola O.A. (2004) Fermentation of organic materials to produce biogas and workshop fertilizers.Biogas and fertilizer production and use. Proceedings of a national organized by Federal Fertilizer Department in collaboration with National Special Programme for Food Security. Pp 25-29.
  • Babalola, O.A., Lagoke S.T.O, Sulaiman O.N and Sadou M.K (2004).Responses of two groundnut varieties to applications of nitrogen and phosphorus under different tillage methods. Proceeding of 24th annual conference of Soil Science Society of Nigeria. Pp 219-221
  • Babalola O A (2000) Response of maize and cowpea to different sources of organic materials Proceedings of 26th Annual Conference of the Soil Science Society of Nigeria. Pp 213-216.
  • Babalola, O.A, Chude, V.O. and Adu, J.k. (1999) Effect of microbial inoculated rock phosphate on nutrient concentration of soybean and maize. Proceedings of 25th Annual Conference  of Soil Science society. Pp 212-215.
  • Babalola, O.A, Chude, V.O., Iwuafor, E.N.O. and Adu, J.K. (1995). Level and pattern of rock phosphate solubilization by bacteria isolated from Samaru soils. Proceeding of third All African Soil Science Conference published in African Soils. Vol. Xxviii pp 415-422.

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