Babalola, O.A: Publications



  • O.A. Olorundami (1985) A study of Brevilegnia bispora on river Oyun. B.Sc project report submitted to University of Ilorin.
  • O.A Babalola (1988) A study of the fermentation of cassava tuber for the production of ‘fufu’ a traditional foodstuff. M.Sc dissertation submitted to the University of Ilorin
  • O.A. Babalola (1997) Effect of microorganism on rock phosphate solubilization in soyabean and maize production in the northern guinea savanna. P.hD thesis submitted to Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria.


Journal Papers:

  • Babalola, O.A. (2009) The efficiency of microbial inoculated phosphate rocks on maize production in an Alfisol. Nigerian Journal of Soil Science 19: 51-59. URL:
  • Babalola, O.A., Lagoke, S.T.O. and O.N Sulaiman (2009). Interaction between rates of phosphorus application and flat or ridge planting in groundnut (Arachis hypogea L) varieties. Nigerian Journal of Soil Science 19: 60-69. URL:
  • Babalola O.A, Atayese, M. O. and Soyoye, T (2009) Influence of Bradyrhizobium and two Glomus species on growth and yield of soybean. Accepted for publication in ASSET Journal Series A Volume 9 Number 1 2009.
  • Babalola, O.A., Atayese, O.M and Akintunde, I.B (2009). Influence of two Glomus species on the fertilizer efficiency of Sokoto phosphate rock in soybean production and the residual soil. Nigerian Agricultural Journal 40 No 1: 150-160.
  • Olasantan, F.O. and Babalola, O.A. (2007) Effects of intercropping and melon sowing date on crop  growth, soil micro-environment and rhizosphere fungi and bacterial populations of maize and cassava Biological Agriculture and Horticulture, 24: 415-436 URL:
  • Akintokun, A.K., Akande, G.A., Akintokun, P.O., Popoola, T.O.S. and Babalola, O.A. (2007). Solubilization of Insoluble Phosphate by organic acid-producing fungi isolated from Nigerian soil. Int. Journal of Soil Science 2 (4): 301-307. URL:
  • Babalola, O.A. and Amapu, I.Y. (2006). Response of some cowpea genotypes to different rates of phosphorus in Samaru. Nigerian Journal of soil Science 16: 77-83. URL:
  • Babalola, O.A and Salako, F. (2006) Comparative study of Ogun phosphate rock and single super phosphate on three varieties of cowpea and maize and their effect on soil. Nigerian Journal of Soil Science 16: 84-89 URL:
  • A.C. Odunze, S.A Tarawali, N.C. de Haan, E.N.O. Iwuafor, P.D. Katung, G.E. Akoueguon,A.F. Amadji, R. Schultze-Kraft, T.K. Atala, A. Adamu, A.O. Babalola, J.O. Ogunwole,A. Alimi, S.U. Ewansiha and S.A. Adediran. (2004) Grain legumes for soil productivity improvement in the northern guinea savanna of Nigeria. Journal of Food, Agriculture and Environment. Vol. 2 (2). 218-226. URL: (Abstract)
  • Babalola, O.A. (2004) Microbial enhancement of rock phosphate utilization in maize and Soybean production in the northern guinea ecological zone of Nigeria. Samaru  Journal Agric. Res. 21: 16-29. URL: ajol.infor/index.php/acsjl
  • Raji, B.A., Gimba, B.W. and Babalola, O.A. (2003) Total and exchangeable bases in soils of Nigerian savanna. Journal of Arid Agriculture. Vol. 14: 111-120
  • Babalola, O.A, Chude V.O. and Adu, J.K (2001) Greenhouse study of agronomic efficiency of microbial inoculated rock phosphate in soybean production. African Soils 32: 65-72.
  • Ogunwole, J.O., Babalola, O.A., Oyinlola, E.Y and Raji, B.A. (2001) A pedological characterization of soils in the Samaru area of Nigeria. Samaru Journal of Agric. Research. 17: 71-77. URL: ajol.infor/index.php/acsjl
  • Babalola, O.A, Chude, V.O and Adu, J.K. (2000) Agronomic efficiency of microbial  inoculated rock phosphate in soybean production in an alfisol. Tropical Oilseed Journal 5: 10-21.
  • Amapu, I.Y, Chude, V.O., Iwuafor, E.N. and Babalola, O.A. (2000) Soil and fertilizer factors influencing the utilization of phosphate in the sub-humid Nigerian savanna. Nigerian  Journal of Soil Science 12: 67-80. URL:
  • Babalola, O.A., Chude, V.O, Iwuafor, E.O and Adu, J.K. (2000) Incidence of phosphate solubilizing microorganisms in an Alfisol in North-Western Nigeria. NigerianJournal of Soil Research. 1: 23-28. URL:
  • Babalola, O.A. and Amapu, I.Y (1999) Nodulation and nitrogen fixation responses  of phosphorus fertilized soybean to microbial inoculated soil. Samaru J. Agric. Research. 15: 3-12 URL: ajol.infor/index.php/acsjl


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