Eromosele, B. C. O: Conferences Attended

1. C.O. Eromosele, I.U. Agbo and I.C. Eromosele (1989). Phytochemical studies and therapeutic status of some species of Acalypha proceedings of the conference on 3rd World Strategies for Technological Development, 20-26th August 1989, Yola pp. 579-582.

2. F.E. Okieimen, C.O. Eromosele, (1999). Studies in thermal degradation of PVC effect of metal soaps of Khaya seed oil on the stabilization of PVC presented at the chemical society conference held in Jos 1999.

3. Sogbaike, C.E., Okieimen, F.E. and Eromosele, C.O. (2004) Stabilising effects of epoxidised khaya seed oil on the thermal degradation of PVC. Proceedings of 27th International Conference of the Chemical Society of Nigeria pp. 149-154.


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