Gbadebo, A. M: Research


1. Geochemistry of Rocks, Soil and Water from the Landslide Area in Okeigbo, Ondo State, Nigeria.

2. Assessment of Radionuclide in the Soil and Rock of Quarry sites in Southwest Area of Nigeria.

3. Hydrogeochemistry and Balneological Potential of thermal springs/groundwater in Southwestern Nigeria.


My broad research interest involves application of geology to environmental sciences (i.e Environmental Geology) with emphasis on applied geochemistry (i.e Environmental Geochemistry) using geological materials (i.e rocks, soils, sediments, water, e.t.c), environmental and biological samples (i.e blood and urine)


•  Geochemical studies of oil field brines using their chemical characteristics and genetic affinities; Environmental assessment of petroleum hydrocarbon, petroleum residue (spent oil) ; naturally seeping hydrocarbon (bitumen) and oil based drilling wastes (i.e cuttings and muds) (i.e Organic Geochemistry).

•  Geochemical evaluation of radionuclides’ provenance and radiation monitoring in active and abandoned granitic/gneissic and limestone quarries (i.e Isotope Geochemistry).

•  Hydrogoechemical studies of rural and urban water quality from different geological terrains .Balenological assessment of geothermal water using geochemical approach (i.e Hydrogeochemistry/Balenology).

•  Trace metal geochemical studies (iodine, selenium, Fluoride e.t.c) of environmental samples and their associated diseases in different geological media (i.e Environmental Geochemistry & Health). 

•  Baseline geochemical studies/survey of pedological materials from southern part of Nigeria using topographic sheets (i.e Inorganic Geochemistry).

•  Geochemical studies of trace metals in coastal and other wetland areas of southwestern Nigeria (Lagos,Ogun and Ondo States) using soil and sediment analysis (i.e Inorganic Geochemistry).

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