Oguntoke, O: Publications

Articles in Learned Journal

1. OGUNTOKE, O. and ADEYEMO, V. (2005): Urban Housing quality and the Morbidity Pattern of Tuberculosis in Abeokuta, South-West Nigeria. Env. Management Journal Vol. 2: 18-25.

2. OPEOLU, B.O. and OGUNTOKE, O.(2005): Evaluation of dyeing and print effluent and its acute toxicity on fish (Tilapia nilotica) by bioassay. ASSET Series A4 5 (1): 179-186.

3. AKINYEMI, A.A., OGUNTOKE, O. and OPEOLU, B.O.(2005): Inherent Health implication of smoke from Fish curing on the well-being of fish processors in Abeokuta, Nigeria. Env. Management Journal Vol. 2:26-29.

4. ADEKUNLE, I.M., OGUNTOKE, O. and AKINYEMI, M.F. (2004): Processing Techniques and Atmospheric Exposure of Smoked Fish on Consumer Health: Implications on Food Security. Faman (Farm Management Association of Nigeria) Journal Vol. 7.No 1: 76-85

Paper in Referred Conference Proceedings

5. OGUNTOKE, O., ABODERIN, O.J. and BANKOLE, A.M. (2008): Environmental and Behavioural Correlates of Water-borne diseases Incidence among Urban dwellers in Ibadan South-west, Nigeria. Proceedings of International Conference on Research and Development held at the University of Ghana, Accra, Ghana.

6. OGUNTOKE, O., and AYENI,A.S. (2004): Implications of air pollution arising from oil refinery activities on human health: Case of Eleme and Okrika community, River State. Proceedings of 19th Annual Conference of Meteorological Society of Nigeria, Pp 119-129.

7. OGUNTOKE, O., AYANLEKE, A.M. and AKINTOBI, T.Y. (2004): Implications of traditional Pottery on the Environment and Health of Women: Case of Ijaye, Abeokuta. Proceedings of 12th Annual Conference of Environment and Behaviour Association of Nigeria.

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