Dare, M.O: Publications

  • Dare, M.O and Fawole O.B. (2009) In vitro effects of some pesticides on pathogenic fungi associated with legumes. Australian Journal of Crop Science 3(3): 173 – 177
  • Dare M.O., Abaidoo, R.C., Fagbola, O. and Asiedu, R. (2008) Genetic variation and genotype x environment interaction in yams (Dioscorea Spp.) for root colonization by arbuscular mycorrhiza. Journal of Food, Agriculture and Environment 6(2): 227-233
  • Fagbola O. and Dare M.O (2003) Performance of pepper (Capsicum fructescens) on simulated degraded and non-degraded soil as affected by mycorrhizal inoculation and organomineral fertilizer application. Nigerian Journal of Horticultural Science  8: 11-27
  • Oke, O. and Dare, M.O. (2008) Examination Guide: Agricultural Science for Junior Secondary Schools. Book 1, 2 and 3. De Initiative  Publication Lagos. 178 pp.

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