Ademola-Aremu, O. O: Publications

Dissertation/ Thesis
1. Dietary fibre content determination in cereals, legumes and carbohydrates. Thesis presented to the University of Ibadan, Ibadan for the award of B.Sc.( Hons.) Chemistry in 1988.

2. Negotiation and Grievance Handling in Leventies Motors Company Nigeria Plc, a case study of Maiduguri branch, thesis presented to the University of Maiduguri, for the award of MBA (Mgt).

3. Heavy Metals Determination in Non-Alcoholic Beverages. Thesis presented to the University of Ibadan for the award of MSc. degree in Chemistry. Articles in Learned Journals

4. Onianwa,P.C., Adetola, I.G., Iwegbue, C.M.A., Ojo, M.F. and Tella, O.O(1999) : Trace heavy metals composition of some Nigerian beverages and food drinks. Food Chemistry, Volume 64, pp. 1-5.

5. Ademola- Aremu, O.O., Tella, l.O. and Balogun, R.B. (2005). : Litterfall and Return of Macronutrients in Even- Aged Stands of Three Woody Species in a Semi-Arid Environmennt. Nigerian Journal of Tropical Agriculture, Vol 7, pp 113-120.

6. Tella, l. O., Balogun, R.B., Ademola- Aremu, O.O. and Amadi, D.C.A. (2005) : Nutrient removal in relation to clear-cutting in even –aged stands of three woody species in Namtari Forest reserve, Adamawa State. Nigerian journal of Tropical Agriculture, Vol.7, pp 220-226.

7. Ojo, O.O., Tella, I.O. and Ademola-Aremu, O.O. (2005): Hepatoprotective Effects of Azadiractha indica , Tamarindusi indica and Eucalyptus camaldulenssi on Paracetamol Induced – Hepatotoxicity in Rats. Journal of Sustainable development in Agriculture and Environment. Vol. pp 77-83.

8. Awomeso, J.A., Ufoegbune G.C., Oluwasanya, G.O., Ademola-Aremu, O.O. (2008) : Heavy Metals Assessment of Industrial Effluents in Water , Soils and Plant in Alakia Industrial Area of Ibadan, South West, Nigeria. Accepted for Publication in the Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Chemistry (MS# TEC-275).


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