Adeyeye, A.O: Publications

Dissertation and Project

1. Assessment of Rural Mothers’ Response to National Programme on Immunization in Ogun State (2005)

2. Effect of Women’s Health on Household food Security in Cement and Non-Cement Producing Areas of Ogun State.

3. Ikudehin O.A., Sokoya G.O., Fabusoro E. and Irekhore O.T.: “A Training Handbook for Peer education on STIs/HIV?AIDS. University of Agriculture Abeokuta Collaboration with the United State Embassy, Abuja Excellent Concept, Abeokuta. 69 Pp.

4. Ikudehin, O.A., Sokoya, G.O., Awotunde, J.M., Sopeju, J.O. and Omotayo, A.M. (2000): “Awareness, Information Sources and Response of Rural Mother’ Towards National Programme on Immunization in Ogun State, Southwest. West African Journal of Nursing (WAJN) ISSN 1117-9686, Vol. 17 No. 2 November 2006. Pp. 105-109.

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