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1. AROWOLO,T.A, Roger M.Smith,H.Thakrar and A.A.Shafi (1984): High performance liquid chromatography of kava lactones from piper methysticum. Journal of Chromatography 283, 303-308

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34. Cresser, M.; Ahmed, N.; Smart, R.P.; Arowolo, T.; Calver, L.J.;Chapman, P.J. (2006). Predicting Gran alkalinity and calcium concentrations in river waters over a national scale using a novel modification to the G-BASH model. Environmental Pollution,143, 361-366

35. Iheoma M.Adekunle,Toyin A.Arowolo, Naomi P.Ndahi,Babajide Bello and David A. Owolabi. (2007). Chemical characteristics of humic acids in relation to lead, copper and cadmium levels in contaminated soils from South West Nigeria.

36. I.M.Adekunle, T.A.Arowolo, I.T.Omoniyi and O.T.Olubambi. (2007). Risk assessment of aquatic lives exposed to cassava(Manihot esculanta Crantz) effluent using Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) and African mud catfish (Clarias gariepinus). Chemistry and Ecology 23, 1-10.

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39. D.I.Ilori , O.Bamgbose and T.A.Arowolo (2008). Pesticide residual in milk and milk products in Lagos, Nigeria. International Journal of Chemistry 18, No. 1, 23-30.

40. Jerome Nriagu, Myriam Afeiche, Aaron Linder, Toyin Arowolo, Godson Ana, Mynepalli K.C. Sridhar, E.O.Oloruntoba, Ejeatulu Obi, Joy C.Ebenebe, Orish E. Orisakwe
And Adesuwa Adesina (2008). Lead Poisoning associated with malaria in children of urban areas of Nigeria. Int. J.Hygiene and Environmental Health. 211, 591-605.

41. O.Bamgbose, T.A.Arowolo and J.T. Bamgbose. Concentration of selected mineral elements in commercial infants formulae. Nig. J. of Nutritional Sciences (Accepted on 30 July,2003).

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43. Toyin A.Arowolo. Seasonal Variation of nitrate-N in surface and groundwaters of South-Western Nigeria: A Preliminary Survey. Chemistry and Ecology. Manuscipt No. MS C & E 0491 (Accepted 25 November, 2004)

44. Toyin A. Arowolo. Pb, Cd and Zn levels in human hair of an urban population from two cities in South Western Nigeria. Journal of Environmental Biology. Manuscript No. MSS OJ/271 (Reviewers comments received: 13 September, 2004).

45. Charley W. Rankinj, Jerome O. Nriagu, Toyin A. Arowolo, Kola Adebayo and A. Russell Flegal lead contamination in cocoa products: Isotopic evidence of global contamination. Journal of Environmental Health perspectives.

46. Wasiu Bakre, Andrew Agbon, Segun Alegbleye, Kayode Bamgbose,d I.T. Omoniyi and Toyin A. Arowolo Acute and Chronic Toxicology of local Textile Industry Waste Water on Clarias Gariepinus and Orechronimic Niloticus. Journal of Aquatoxicology.

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