Awotunde, J.M: Courses Taught

Under Graduate Level

ARD 202: Principles and Practices of Agricultural Extension and Rural Sociology
ARD 401: Agricultural Communication
ARG 501: Group Dynamics in Extension
ARF 508: Administration and Programme Planning in Extension
FIS 510: Fish Farming and Fishery Business Management
FIS 511: Administration and Programme Planning in Fisheries Extension

Post Graduate Level

a.  AXD 704  Planning, Monitoring and Evaluating of Rural and
Community Development Projects 3 Units
b.  AXD 709  Principles & Practice of Crop Production 3 Units
c.  ARD 705  Advanced Rural Sociology 3 Units  
d.  ARD 706  Comparative Extension Systems 3 Units
e.  ARD 716  Psychology for Extension Personnel  3 Units
f.  ARD 801  Agricultural Extension Theories, Models and Readings  3 Units
g.  FIS 709  Fish Marketing and Cooperatives 3 Units
h.  FIS 710  Fisheries Extension and Cooperatives  3 Units

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