Sanwo, K. A: Conferences Attended

  1. Sanwo, K.A., Iposu, S.O.,Shittan, Olatunji., Sokoya,O.O.,  Ayo-Ajasa, O.Y, ,and Adegbite, J.A (2016). Sensory Evaluaion of beef Sausage Produced from Substituting Wheat Flour from Sorghum Flour.In: New Technologies for Enhanced Animal Production in Nigeria. Proceedings of 41st Conference of the Nigerian Society of Animal Production (NSAP), held 20th -24thth March 2016 in Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta.
  2. Sanwo K.A., Sowande, A. and Iposu, S. O. (2014) Water and Lactic Acid as a Wash Solution in Reducing Bacterial Contamination in Frozen Turkey. In: Bridging the Gap Between Increasing Knowledge and Decreasing Resources. Tropentag, Sept 17 – 19, Prague, Czech Republic.
  3. FSanwo K.A., Iposu, S. O. and Sanusi, S. (2013) Efficacy of some Wash Solutions in Preventing Recontamination of some Microorganisms on Refrigerated Chicken Carcass. In: Agricultural Development within the Rural-Urban Continuum. Tropentag, Sept 17 – 19, Stuttgart-Hohenheim
  4. FSanwo, K. A., Makanju, M. O., Iposu, S. O., Abiola, S. S. and Adegbite, J. A. (2011). Effect of substituting rice flour for wheat flour as fillers at varying levels in beef sausage production. In: The 3rd Conference on Animal Agriculture in Botswana. Held on 25th-27th July 2011, Gaborone, Botswana
  5. F Sanwo, K. A. and Adelabu, A. (2009). Efficacy of Water and Lactic Acid as a Wash Solution for Reducing Bacterial Contamination in Frozen Turkey. In: “Biophysical and Socio-economic Frame Conditions for the Sustainable Management of Natural Resources”. Tropentag, October 6-8, 2009, Hamburg.

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