Ashimolowo, O.R: Publications

Journal Publications
1. Ashimolowo O.R. and Akinbile L.A. (2008): “Protection Practices influencing girl-child level of empowerment in selected agrarian communities in Nigeria. Asset international Journal in press
2. Ashimolowo, O.R. and Akinbile, L.A. (2008): “Values placed on the role of the girl-child and her level of empowerment in selected agrarian communities in Nigeria Journal of Tourism, hospitality and home management – in press
3. Ashimolowo, O.R. and Akinbile, L.A. (2008); “Socio-cultural factors affecting girl-child empowerment in selected agrarian communities in Nigeria, Journal of Annals of Child and youth Studies. Vol. 3(1) 1-10 2007

4. Ashimolowo, O.R., Akinbile, L.A. and Awojulu, R.T. (2007); “Use of indigenous knowledge in rice production in Ewekoro LGA of Ogun State. Journal of Agricultural Extension. Vol. 10 Pp. 189-203. 2006

5. Adeokun, O.A. and Ashimolowo, O.R. (2007): “factors influencing adoption of fisherman innovation by artisanal fisherman in coastal area of Ogun State, Nigeria Journal of applied Science Research. Parkistan Vol. 211, Pp. 966-979
6. Ashimolowo, O.R., Lawal-Adebowale, O.A., Sodiya, C.I. and Osamiluyi, B.O. (2006): “Sedentarisation and Livelohoods: The sace of Fulani women in Abeokuta North, Ogun State, Nigeria. Journal of Social development in Africa. Vol 21. No. 2 pp. 103-118
7. Akibile, L.A., Ashimolowo, O.R and M.A. Oladoja (2006): “Rural Youth Participation in Infrastructural development of Ibarapa East LGA of Oyo State, Nigeria. Nigerian Journal of Rural Sociology. Vol. 6 Nos 1&2. Pp.40-48
8. Akinbile, L.A., Akinwale, J.A. and Ashimolowo, O.R. (2006): determinants of Productivity level among rice farmers in Obafemi-Owode LGA of Ogun State, Nigeria. Journal of New Seeds. Haworth Food and Agricultural products Press USA. Vol. 8 No. 4 pp 79-89.
9. Apantaku, S.O. and Ashimolowo, O.R. (2006): use of Participatory extension Methods by extension Agents in Ogun State, Nigeria. Bowen Journal of Agriculture, Vol. 3 (20 Pp. 118-128
10. Ashimolowo, O.R. and Busari, M.A. (2006): “ Social Impact assessment of Cement pollution among small scale farmer in cement production areas of Ogun State, Nigeria. Journal of agricultural Ext.. Vol. 9 Pp.142-149
11. Sodiya, C.I., Ashimolowo, O.R., Lawal-adebowale, O.A., and Adamu, C.O(2006): “Analysis of the roles and selected activities of Fulani Women among Sedentary Pastoral Households in Ogun State. The Ogun Journal of Agricultural Sciences. Vol. 9, pp. 49-60, 2005
12. Oladaspo, M.O. and Ashimolowo, O.R. (2005): “Retail market integration of plantain an banana in Enugu State. Nigeria Journal of horticultural Science. Vol. 10 Pp.99-104
13. Adeokun, M.O. and Ashimolowo, O.R. Oladoja, M.A. and B.O. Adisa (2004): “Involvement in the production of small domestic ruminants in Ijebu North LGA of Ogun State, Nigeria. African Journal of Livestock extension. Vol. 3 Pp. 50-54.

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