Akeredolu-Ale, B.I: Publications

a) Thesis and Dissertation

i. B.A. Project – Entitled “Phonological Interference of Hausa with English”

ii. M.A Dissertation – entitled “Phonological Interference of Igbo and Yoruba”.

iii. M.A. Dissertation – Entitled “Investigation into the Discourse Organisation of Selected Projects of Undergraduate Students of the Department of Plant Biology”.

iv. PhD Dissertation – Entitled “An Application of the Bernstein Hypothesis to the Study of Yoruba-English Bilingual Acquisition and learning in Selected Secondary Schools in Ogun State.

b) Journal Articles


1. „Managing Large Classes: Team Teaching Approach.. English Language Teaching Forum, Vol.36 (1) 50 – 53 at dosfan.lib.uic.edu/usia/E-USIA/forum/vols/vol36(co- authored with M. M. Alimi& T. Azeez).

2. „Team Teaching and Teacher Development.. English Language Teaching Today, Vol. 1 (1) 60-64 (co-authored with M. M. Alimi& T. Azeez).

3. „Effect of Radio Farm Broadcasts on Farmers Knowledge of improved Farm Practices.. Journal of Extension Systems Vol. 13(1&2) 121-127.(co- authored with O. J. Ladebo, & O. C. Banjoko)


4. ‘The Discourse Structure of the Cartoon Text.. Lagos Notes and Records Vol. VIII 302-327 (co-authored with M. M. Alimi)

5. „Helping Students of Universities of Agriculture and Technology (UNAT) in Nigeria to Communicate: The Journey so far.. Bauchi Liberal Studies Series Vol. 2 25-35 ( co-authored with P. Ede & O. Ogidi)

6. „Towards the Improvement of Team Teaching at the University of Agriculture, Abeokuta Nigeria.. Bauchi Liberal Studies Series Vol. 2 47-52

7. „A Genre Analysis of the Inaugural Lecture.. Papers in English and Linguistics Vol.4 l l l – 124 (co-authored with M. M. Alimi)

8. ‘„Second Language and Academic Performance: A Class Sensitive Case Study..
Research in African Languages and Linguistics Vol. 5 (1) 49-62.


9. „Linguistic Dilemma of Second Language Learners: Implications for English Language Teaching. Research in African Languages and Linguistics Vol. 6 67-81 (co-authored with M. M. Alimi).


10. ‘Learner Factors and Performance: The Case of Students in a Science-Based University.. Indian Journal of Applied Linguistics, Vol. 29 (2) 113-124 at www.orientaliaparthenopea.it/4/upload/ indian_journ… (co-authored with M.M. Alimi)


11. „A Text-Linguistics Approach to the Teaching of Poetry to Students in a Science-Based University: A Teacher.s Experience.. Gege (Ogun Studies in English Vol. 4 (1) 140-148.

12. „An Analysis of Discourse Organisation in Science Undergraduate Projects. English Language Teaching Today Vol.3 (2) 16-25.

13. „Collocation in Vocabulary Teaching and Learning.. In English Language Teaching Today, Vol.3 (2) 45-49.


14. „Language Teaching Methodology: An Overview of Three Language processing and Producing Approaches.. Gege (Ogun Studies in English) Vol.5 (1) 154-165.

15. „Remedying Basic Pronunciation Errors: A Teachers Experience. English Language Teaching Today Vol.4 (1) 51-59.


16. „English Language Imperialism and Superimposition Over Nigerian Indigenous Languages. Asset Series C Vol/1 (1) 39-46.

17. „The Linguistic Trap: The Issue of Standard English or Nuclear English. Asset Series C Vol. 1 (1) 153-160 at journal.unaab.edu.ng/ index.php/ Series_C/article/view/595.

18. „Social Stratification and Second Language Acquisition among Yoruba-English Bilinguals: A Case Study of Selected Secondary Schools in Ogun State of South-Western Nigeria. Indian Journal of Applied Linguistics, Vol. 32 (1-2) 167-180 at eric.ed.gov/?id=EJ903232.

19. „Challenges of Using Concordance in Second Language Vocabulary and Grammar Teaching. Language Forum Vol. 32 (1-2) 45 – 61.

20. „Rethinking the Pedagogics of the General Studies English Sub-Programme:
Lessons from UNAAB.. English Language Teaching Today Vol. 5 pp 24 – 34.

21. „Enhancing the Communication Skills Programmes in Nigerian Tertiary Institutions:
A Case Study of the University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Nigeria.. The Journal of Communicative English Vol.2 pp1 – 16.


22. „Good English for What?: A Motivational Perspective on the Declining Learners.
Performance in English Language Acquisition and Use in Nigerian Schools..
Changing English 14 (2) 231 – 245.

23. ‘De-formalising the Teaching of the General Studies English Sub-Programme in Tertiary Institutions in Nigeria. An Experience with UNAAB.. Journal of Educational Improvement Vol. 4 pp 48 – 56.


24. „Communicative Competence of Science Students: An Illustration with UNAAB.,
English for Specific Purposes World, Issue 30 Volume 9,
www.espworld.info/Articles_30/Communicative%20Competence%20Bodunde% 20&%20Akeredolu-Ale.pdf (co-authored with H. A. Bodunde).

25. „Agricultural Workers. Perception of information and Communication Technology (ICT) Usage for Agricultural Development in Southwest Nigeria., Journal of Social Development in Africa, Vol. 25. No. 2 pp.147 – 176 (co-authored with O. A. Lawal-Adebowale).


26. “D Gr8 Nu Dijita Teknoloji & Englis languaj lenin.” English Language Teaching Today Vol.9, pp.23-34.


27. „The Power of Student.s Involvement: Using Posters as Teaching Tools in Managing Large Classes.. English for Specific Purposes World, Issue 40 Volume 14, English for Specific Purposes World, ISSN 16823257, http://www.espworld.info (co-authored with R. R. Aduradola).


28. „Communication Strategies for Resolving Work-Related Conflicts in Selected Tertiary Institutions”. Journal of Sustainable Development 11(1): 119-126, (co-authored with K. G. Adeosun, C. A. Onifade,H. A. Bodunde and O. A. Adebowale-Lawal).

29. „Utilising the Digital Age Opportunities for Enriching Classroom Interaction in Higher
Education: A FUNAAB Experiment. Journal of Humanities, Social Sciences and Creative Arts Vol. 9 pp. 14-21, (co-authored with B. S. Sotiloye, R. R. Aduradola & H. A. Bodunde).

30. „English and Communication Skills in Nigerian Tertiary Institutions: The State of the Art. in English for Specific Purposes World Issue 50 Vol. 17 pp. 1- 21 Published

by ESP World ISSN 1682-3257 (co-authored with Sotiloye, B.S., Bodunde, H.A., Adebiyi, A.A., Aduradola, R.R.)

c) Papers in Refereed Conference Proceedings


31. „Farm information Management and Poultry Development in Nigeria: A Case Study of Poultry Farmers in (Three Local Government Areas) Ogun State.. Proceedings of the Silver Anniversary Conference of the Nigerian Society for Animal Production (NSAP) and the Inaugural Conference of the West African Society for Animal production (WASAP) 528-529.

32. Ladebo, O. J „Information Needs and Sources of Information for Aquaculture Farmers in Nigeria.. Proceedings of the 9th/10th Annual Conference of the Nigerian Association for Aquatic Sciences 45-59. (co-authored with O. J. Ladebo).


33. „Overcoming the English „H. problem: The Learner-Friendly Way.. Proceedings of the Annual ELTT (English Language Teaching Today) Conference. Vol.1 175-78.


34. “Impact of the digital age on the Teaching and Learning of English and
Communication Skills (ECS): Exploratory Observations from A Nigerian University.”
Paper Presented at the 7th Edition of the International Conference on “ICT for Language Learning.” Held at Grand Hotel Meditarraneo, Firenze – Italy, between 13th and 14th November, 2014. http://conference.pixel-
online.net/ICT4LL/files/ict4ll/ed0007/FP/0904-ICL560-FP-ICT4LL7.pdf (co-authored with B. S. Sotiloye, H. A. Bodunde and R. R. Aduradola).


35. „Using Digital Technologies to Enrich Classroom Interactions in Higher Education:
Experimental Observations from FUNAAB Published by SOLSTICE Conference 2015 Edge Hill University, UK www.edgehill.ac.uk/solstice/files/2014/11/using-digital-technologies-…in-HE…FUNAAB.pptx, (co-authored with Fapojuwo, O. E., B. S. Sotiloye, R. R. Aduradola & H. A. Bodunde)


36. “Web 2.0 as an Instructional Tool in Teaching Large Classes at FUNAAB, Nigeria” Proceedings of the 3rd European Conference on Social Media Research EM Normandie, Caen, France, (co-authored with Emmanuel Akintona, Uche Odozor & O. Fapojuwo)


37. “Feminism and Unity of Opposites: Enhancing Good Leadership and Governance in Nigeria” 5th International Conference on Management, Leadership and Governance, Zanele Ndaba and Thabang Mokoteli (Eds.) Published by Academic Conference and Publishing International Limited, U.K. (co-authored with Emmanuel Akintona, Uche Odozor, Bosede Sotiloye, Remi Aduradola and Helen Bodunde)

38. “A Comparative Analysis of Communication Style of Two Selected Organizations in Nigeria” 5th International Conference on Management, Leadership and Governance, Zanele Ndaba and Thabang Mokoteli (Eds.) Published by Academic Conference and Publishing International Limited, U.K. (co-authored with Bodunde, H.A., Sotiloye, B.S., Aduradola, R.R. and Adebiyi, A. A.)

d) Books


39. Communication Skills in English for Tertiary Institutions. Abeokuta: Department of Communication and General Studies,(co-authored with B. S. Sotiloye, T. Azeez, H. Bodunde, P. Ayebola and R. Aduradola).


40. Communication English Practice Abeokuta: Department of Communication and General Studies, (co-authored with Bodunde, H., P. Ayebola, R. Aduradola, B. Sotiloye & T. Azeez).


41. Communication in English I in PeCOP General Studies Series, Bauchi: PeCOP Resources Nigeria Ltd.

42. Studies in English Language and Literature Abeokuta Published by Jacob and Lydia Publishers ISBN: 978-978-49953-6-8 (pp. 223), (co-authored with H. Bodunde, B. Sotiloye, R.Aduradola, T. Olaifa & A. Adebiyi)

e) Chapters in a Book


43. „ESP Methodology.. Developing a Practical EAP Course in Nigeria, (co-authored with M. M. Alimi).


44. „Cultural Limitations in English Language Teaching., English Teaching Improvement
Vol.1 Jos: Lecaps, 193 -199, (co-authored with M. M. Alimi).

45. „Listening. Chapter Three in E.O.A. Ajayi (ed.) Osiele Study Series: General Studies.
Abeokuta: Research and Publication Committee. Pp. 31-34.


46. „Writing Error-Free English for Media Purposes.. Themes in Communication Writing. Standard Mass Concept Company.

47. „Applications of Second Language Acquisition Research to Second Language Pedagogy. Festschrift in Honour of Professor Adekunle Adeniran.


48. „Rekindling Students. Interest in Poetry.. Chapter Twenty-Four in A. E. Erubetine & U Yakubu (eds.) Re-visioning Humanistic Studies, Lagos: African Cultural Institute,(co-authored with P.A. Ayebola).


49. „Perspectives on the Principles of Second Language Learning and Teaching. In Ogunsiji, Ayo, Ayo Kehinde & Akin Odebunmi (eds.) Language, Literature and

Discourse: A Festschrift in Honour of Prof. A. L. Olayele. Germany: Lincom GmbH


50. “Acquiring Good Education for What?: Opportunity Structures and Motivational Perspectives on the Declining Standard of Education in Nigeria”, COLAMRUD Seminar Series, 18 October, 2011.


51. “Queen.s English and the March of History: Reflections on the Nigerian Case” FUNAAB Inaugural Lecture Series, 22 February, 2012.


52. “Advanced Learning: Why Has it not Solved Nigeria.s Socio-Economic Problems” Being the paper presented at the Maiden Edition of the Postgraduate Students.
Association.s Annual Week Celebration and Commemoration of the 25th
Anniversary of FUNAAB.


53. „Differentiating Formal and Informal English in Writing., presented at the English Language Clinic Lecture Series, University of Ibadan.

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