Akinleye, S. A: Publications

  1. A.R.T. Solarin, J.O. Adeniran and S.A. Akinleye. A further generalization of the Akitivis Identities. International Journal of Mathematical Sciences Vol. 1 (1999), 101 – 107.
  2. Adeniran, J.O. and Akinleye, S.A., On some Loops Satisfying the Generalised Bol identity. Nigeria Journal of Science Vol. 35 No. 2, (2001) pp. 163 – 166.

  3. S.A. Akinleye and A.R.T. Solarin., On Production Planning Problems with non-Linear cost Function.

  4. Akinleye S.A. and Solarin A.R.T. Algebra of Bol Loops and the Lie Identities.



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