Akpan, I: Publications

(a) Dissertation

1. The search for Mu or/and related Bacteriophage. B.Sc Project (1981-1982)

2. Alcoholic Fermentation of Cassava whey. M.Sc Thesis (1984-1986)

3. Microbial Production of Glutamic acid from cassava whey hydrolysate Ph.D Thesis (1990 -1994)

(b) Publications In Learned Journals

1. Akpan, I., lkenebomeh, M. J., Uraih, N. & Obuekwe, C. (1988). Production of ethanol from cassava whey. Acta Biotechnologica 8:39-45

2. Akpan,I. lkenebomeh, M. J., & Doelle, H.W. (1995) Detection of glutamate producers from Nigerian fermented vegetable proteins using HPLC Nigerian J. Microbiology 10:66-70

3. Akpan,I., lkenebomeh, M.J., & Doelle, H.W. (1995) Improved glucoamylase production in rice bran by Rhizopus sp. 186F. Nigerian J. Microbiology 10:43-47.

4. Akpan,l. lkenebomeh, M.J., & Doelle, H.W. (1996) Effect of carbon and nitrogen supplement on amylase production by Rhizopus in rice bran basal medium. Tropical Science 36:166-173

5. Akpan,I. lkenebomeh, M.J., & Doelle, H.W. (1998). Glutamic acid fermentation of cassava whey by a Brevibacterium G012. Tropical Science 38: 147 150

6. Akpan, I. Bankole, M.O, Adesemowo, A.M., & Latunde-Dada, G.0. (1999) Production of amylase by A. niger in a cheap solid medium using rice bran and agricultural materials. Tropical Science 39:77-79

7. Akpan, I. Bankole, M.O., Adesemowo, A.M. (1999). A rapid plate culture method for screening of amylase producing microorganisms. Biotechnology Techniques. 13:411-413

8.    Akpan I. Atanda, O.O., & Ajayi, A.A. (1999) Microbiological and nutrient composition of locally produced cocoa beverage. Nigerian J. Microbiology 13:79-81

9. Atanda, O.O. & Akpan, I., (1999) Microbiological quality of retailed powdered milk. Nigerian J. Microbiology 13:123-125

10. Bankole, M.O., Akpan, I & Atanda, O.O. (1999) The antimicrobial effect of spices in “Kunutsamiya” Nigerian J. Microbiology 13: 95-97

11. Osho, M.B., Akpan, I, & Kareem, S.0. (2001) Production of amylase by Aspergillus oryzae immobilized in a gelatin matrix. Nigerian J. Microbiology. 15(2): 87- 991

12. Kareem, S.O. Akpan, I., & Osho, M.B. (2003) Calotropis procera (Sodom apple) — a potential material for enzyme purification. Bioresource Technology. 87(1): 133-135

13. Kareem, S.O. &. Akpan, I., (2003) Clarification of amylase form mouldy bran with Imarsil. Enzyme and Microbial Technology.33(2): 259-261

14. Akpan, I. & Adelaja. F.A. (2004) Production and stabilization of amylase preparations from rice bran solid medium. World J. Microbiology and Biotechnology. 20:47-50

I5. Omemu, A.M., Akpan I. & Bankole, M.O. (2004) Amylase recovery from mouldy bran of Aspergillus niger AM07. Nigerian Food Journal 22: 60-64

16. Akpan I., Atanda, O.O. & Ogunfowokan, O.A. (2004) Microbiological quality and nutrient composition of dry tomato. J, Food Science and Technology. 41(4):421-422

17.     Akpan, I. & Kareem, S.O. (2004) A simple method for rapid detection of amylase in liquid chromatographic fractions. Nigerian J. Microbiology 18:284

18. Akpan, I., (2004) Screening for novel fungal biocatalysts Nigerian J. Microbiology 18:288-292.

19. Atanda, O.O., Akpan, I., Rati E.R. & Ozoje, M. (2005) Palm kernel: a potential substrate for rapid detection of aflatoxigenic fungi. Food Science and Technology Intl. 11(1): 67-74.

20. Omemu, A.M., Akpan, I., Bankole, M.O. & Teniola, O.D (2005) Hydrolysis of raw tuber starches by amylase of A. niger isolated from the soil;. African J. Biotechnology 4(1)19-25

21. Atanda, O.O., Akpan, I. & Enikuomehin, A.O. (2006) Palm kernel agar: An alternative culture medium for rapid detection of aflatoxins in agricultural commodities. African J. Biotechnology. 5(10): 1029-1033

22. Akpan, I., (2006) Bioremediation of coloured dye effluents from textile industries by Bacillus spp. Nigerian J. Microbiology. 20(3): 154-160

23. O. B. Shittu, I. Akpan and I. O. Okonko (2006). Comparative coagulant property of latex of Calotropis procera and ground seeds of Moringa oleifera. Nig. J. Microbiology, 20(3):1419-1426.

24. Atanda, O.O. Akpan, I., & Oluwafemi, F. (2007) The potential of some spice essential oils in the control of A. parasiticus CFR 223 and aflatoxin production. Food Control 18:601-607

25. Atanda, O.O. Oguntubo, A. Adejumo, O. Ikeora, J. & Akpan, I., (2007) Aflatoxin M1 contamination of milk and ice cream in Abeokuta and Odeda Local Governments of Ogun State, Nigeria. Chemosphere 68:1455-1458

26. Omemu, A. M., Bankole, M. O. and Akpan, I., (2007). Production and Characterization of Extracellular Amyloglucosidase from Aspergillus niger CA-19 by Solid State Fermentation. Research J Microbiology, 3: 1-7.

27. D. A. Ojo, I. Akpan and C. F. Mafiana (2007). Assymptomatic and Symptomatic urinary tract infection in a Nigerian community. Asset series B 6(1) 32-39

28. Kareem, S. O.; Akpan, I. & Ojo, O. P. (2008). Antimicrobial activities of Calotroics procera on selected pathogenic microorganisms. African J. Biomedical Research, Vol. 11: 105-110.

29. Kareem, S. O.; Akpan, I. & Oduntan, S. B. (2009). Cowpea waste: A novel substrate for solid state production of amylase by Aspergillus niger. African J. Microbial Research 3(12) 974-977.

30. Kareem, S. O.; Akpan, I. & Alebiowu, O. O. (2010). Production of citric acid by Aspergillus niger using pineapple waste. Malaysian J. Microbiol. 6(2) 25-30.

31. Kareem, S. O.; Akpan, I. (2010). Biosynthesis of fungal amylase in soybean waste medium. Nigeria Journal of Microbiology (In Press).

32. Ayolabi, O.; Ojo D.A; Armach, G.E; Akpan, I and Mafiana, CF (2010). Detection and partial characterization of novovirus among children with acute gastroenteritis in Lagos, Nigeria. Intl. J. Med. Medical Sci. 2 (7): 216-22

33. Shittu, O.B.; Akpan, I.; Popoola, T.O.S.; Oyedepo, J.A.; Ogunsola, E.O. (2010) Epidemiologicai features of a GIS-supported investigation of cholera outbreak in Abeoukta, Nigeria. J.Pub. Health Epidem. 2(7):152-162

34. Shittu, O.B.; Akpan, I.; Popoola, T.O.S.; Oyedepo, J.A.;(2010). Application of Gis-Rs in bacteriological examination of rural community water supply and sustainability problems with UNICEF assisted borehole: A case study of Alabata community, South-western Nigeria J.Pub. Health Epidem. 2(9): 238-244

35 Kareem, S. O.; Akpan, I.; Popoola, T.O.S. and Sanni, L.O. (2011). Activated charcoal-A potential material in the recovery of glucoamylase. Enzyme Research. In Press.

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