Akpan, I: Research


Directed towards bio-conversion of biomass to biofuels and production of food enzymes from farm wastes, with the view to adding value to Nigeria’s agricultural raw materials and enhancing the environment. This is aimed at promoting skilled young agricultural entrepreneurs, enhance farmers income, reduce unemployment among the youths and encourage the use of appropriate local technologies in establishing small-medium scale enterprise in Nigeria.

Research Focus

1. Waste to Wealth Promotion – using appropriate local technologies.

Production of Food enzymes from farm wastes: The enzymes include:

i. α – amylase

ii. Glucoamylase

iii. Lipase

iv. Pectinase

Renewable energy research:

(a) Production of ethanol from cassava starch

(b) Production of glucose syrup from cassava

(c) Design and Development of bioreactor for the production of glucose syrup from cassava starch.

(d) Production of malted rice from local rice varieties

(e) Microbial production of biodiesel from vegetable oils


Post-harvest Technology

(a) Preservation of fresh tomato for peasant farmers using natural biopesticides (Fresh tomato kept fresh on the shelf for 21 days at 27±10C – no refrigeration, using biopesticides.

Waste water treatment

(a) Treatment of waste water from agro-processing industries using activated charcoal

(b) Treatment of fish pond water with activated charcoal

Technical Reports/Exhibitions

i. Exhibition at 1st NUC organized Science & Technology Fair, Abuja, 2004.

Exhibit: A 5L All-glass Bioreactor for the production of glucose syrup from cassava.

ii Participation at AU-WIPO Award Competition for Inventions and Innovations organized by National Office for Technology Acquisition and Promotion (NOTAP, Abuja. 28th June, 2007.

Invention on Display: A 10L All-glass bioreactor with filtration unit for production of glucose syrup from cassava.

iii. Participation at RMRDC Techno Expo 2009 at Abuja, 10th – 13th February, 2009

iv. Invitation to participate in the National Technology Forum and Technomart on Developing Indigenous Technology for Youth Empowerment, Employment generation and wealth creation organized by National Office for Technology Acquisition and Promotion (NOTAP) holding at Enugu on October 25th – 27th, 2010

i. Team Leader, UNAAB Team on NNPC/UNAAB collaboration – Automative Biomass Ethanol Programme for Nigeria (2006)

ii. Resource Person — Raw Materials Research & Development Council Training Workshop on Cottage level production of high quality cassava flour and glucose syrup from cassava roots. Abuja, March 28 — 30 2007.

iii. Resources Person – Raw Materials Research and Development Council Sensitization Workshop on cassava-based products, 9th May, 2009 Abeokuta.

iv. Development of cassava-based SME’s for increased livelihoods in Akwa Ibom State –Project Proposal submitted to Akwa Ibom State Government 2010.

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