Nwaorgu, O.G.F: Research Conducted


  1. Thompson, O.O. and Nwaorgu, O.G.F. Godmotherism:

A Threat to Sustainable Development and Democratisation in Nigeria 2019

2. Nwaorgu, O.G.F., Thompson, O.O., Odozor, U.S. and Afolabi, A.S.

When Religion Threatens the School: The Hijab Crisis and

Emergence of President Muhammadu Buhari in a Multiethnic State. 2019

3. Okolo, M.S.C and Nwaorgu, O.G.F. The Nexus between Logic

and the General Studies. 2017

(ii) In Progress:

  1. The paradox of Quine’s Two Dogmas of Empiricism
  2. Logic and Human Affairs
  3. Science in Africa: Past, Present and Future
  4. Mechanistic Reductionism and Morality
  5. Scientific Theories Derive More from Reason than Experience:

A Case Study of the Concept of Gravitation

(f) The Centrality of Religion in Human Culture

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