Odozor, S.U: Research Conducted

Research completed:

    1. Rethinking the Vehicular Conception of Language in Human Communication,    Logic and Argumentation  June, 2019
    2. Philosophical Perspectives on Improving Chronic Disease Self-Management: Implications for Nursing Practice  March, 2019
  • Dewey’s Pragmatic Philosophy of Education and Twenty-First Century    Moral Learning and Social Development in Nigeria  January, 2019
  • Research in progress:
    1. Social and Cultural Development in Africa: Salient Lessons from Olusegun Oladipo’s Philosophy and Social Reconstruction in Africa.
    2. Hate Speech and Language for National Reconstruction: The Nigerian Context
    3. Rawls and the Primacy of Social Justice – A Critical Exposition
    4. Pragmatic Ethics and the Contemporary Nigerian Value System

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