Soaga, J. A. O: Publications

i. Thesis & Dissertation

• Shoaga, J. (1987). Government policy and prospects for private forestry development in Nigeria. Unpublished B.Sc. project work. University of Ibadan, Ibadan. 76p

• Soaga, J. (2001). Socio-economic assessment of traditional forest industries in parts of Ogun State. Master of Forestry Dissertation, University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Ogun State. 99p..

• Soaga, J. (2008). Socio-economic implications of paradigm shifts in Ogun State Forestry. Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) Thesis in Forest Economics and management, University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Ogun State. 166p.

ii. Papers in Learned Journals

1. Momoh, S. and Soaga, J. (1999). Biomass Energy Consumption in Nigeria: Integrating Demand and Supply. Nigeria Journal of Renewable Energy. Vol.ume 7(1 & 2 ) :78 – 82.

2. Soaga, J.A. and Oluwalana, S.A. (2006). Rural Indigenous forest enterprises in sustainable utilization of forest resources in Ogun State. ASSET. Volume 6 (2) : 265 -.274.

3. Soaga, J.A. and Ilori, A.O. (2006). Basketry: A case of paradigm shift in forestry in Odeda local government area of Ogun State, Nigeria: Implications for income and employment generation. International Journal of Forest Usufructs management, Volume. 7.( 2) : 12- 18..

4. Jayeola, O.A.; Soaga, J.O.; Onadeko, S.A.; Ojo, O.O. (2005). Abundance of wildlife Species in a disturbed forest and adjoining plantation in Ogun State, Nigeria. Nigerian Journal of Forestry, Volume 35 (1) : 17- 24.

5. Opeolu, B.O; Soaga, J. A. and Oladepo, T.L. (2008). Environmental and economic implications of spent oil: Case study of growth and nutrient quality of Amaranthus cruentus. Indian Journal of Environmental Protection. Volume 28 (5) : 385 – 390.

iii. Papers in referred Conference Proceeding

6. Adekunle, M.F.; Soaga, J.A. and Oluwalana, S.A. (2003). Economic and Ethnomedicinal values of some forest plants in Omo Forest Reserve, Ogun State Nigeria; Implications for Environmental Resources Conservation. .In:Adekunle, Okoko and Adeduntan (eds) Environmental Sustainability in a Democratic Government. Proceedings of the 2003 11th Annual Conference of Environment and Behaviour Association of Nigeria. Pp. 156 – 162.

7. Soaga, J.A.; Omoniyi, I.F. and Adeluola, T.O. (2004). Effect of industrial effluent on environment and human living conditions: Case study of Oluyole Industrial Estate.. In: Adeofun, Oguntoke and Akegbejo Samsons (eds) Proceedings of 2004 12th Annual Conference of Environment and Behaviour Association of Nigeria. (EBAN). Pp. 11-17.
iv. Books/ Monograghs

8. Ola-Adams, B.A. and Soaga, J. (2003). Preliminary Checklist of Plants at UNAAB Permanent Site. Published by Dept. of Forestry and Wildlife Mgt., UNAAB, 18p.

9. Ola-Adams, B.A.; Soaga, J. A and Soladoye, M. O. (2006). Classification of living Organisms and other related Articles. Published by Dept. of Forestry and Wildlife Mgt. UNAAB. 26p.

10. Soaga, J. A; Onadeko, S. A. and Oladoyinbo, E. O. (In press). Snail rearing: Way out of poverty.

Conferences, Seminars and Workshops attended

1. Soaga, J.A. and Oluwalana, S.A. (2000). Local Forest Industry in Sustainable Management of Forest Resources: In Book of Abstract. Community Conservation and Development Initiatives (CCDI 2000).. National Seminar Workshop on Participatory Approaches in Environmental Management. Feb. 18th, 2000. Goethe Institut, Lagos

2. Soaga, J. A.; Omoniyi, I.T andAdebesin, A. S. (2005).Implications of treated water Packaging waste on the Environment: In Book of Abstract. Environmental Imperatives for Sustainable Development. 2nd Annual Conference of Nigerian Society for Environmental Management (NISEM), 5th- 8th September, 2005. University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Ogun State.

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