Soaga, J. A. O: Research


  • Soaga, J. A and Opeolu, B.O. Economic analysis and health implications of indigenous textile industry in Abeokuta, Ogun State. (Manuscript submitted to ASSET, UNAAB for publication)


  • Soaga, J. A. Omoniyi, I. T and Adebesin, A. S. Implications of waste water sachet on the environment: Case study of Abeokuta South local Government area of Ogun State. (Manuscript submitted to Journal of Environmental Protection, India)


  • Odulate, D. O; Soaga, J. A; Onadeko, S. A. and Akegbejo-Samsons,Y. Biodiversity and potential socio-economic importance of abandoned quarry sites in Abeokuta area, Ogun State. Nigeria. (Manuscript submitted to West African Journal of Ecology, Ghana)


  • Soaga, J. A. and Momoh, S. Externality and market failure in timber exploitation and selected local forest enterprises in Egba division of Ogun State.


  • Soaga, J.A., Adekunle, M.F.; and Oluwalana, S.A. Exploratory survey of traditional forest industries in Ogun State: Implication for sustainable forest management

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