Aduradola, R.R: Courses Taught

· GNS 101: Use of English

· GNS201: Writing and Literary Appreciation

· HSM 431: Children`s Literature

. Use of English Pre-degree

. Public Relations (PCS 607)

. Public Relations (COM704)




Diploma projects, CENHURD UNAAB

· Folorunso, O.A. (2005) ٬٬Effect of Wage increase on workers` productivity in Public Service: A case study of UNAAB٫٫

· Fashanu, O.I. (2005) ٬٬Effect of training and development activities on employees`performance: A case study of FMB, Abeokuta٫٫

· Ede, O.J. (2005) ٬٬Effect of motivation on business organizations: A case study of ARCO Foam Nig. Ltd, Abeokuta٫٫.

· Yisau, N.S. (2006) ٬٬The impact of staff training and development on organizational productivity in OGADEP٫٫.

· Odunjo, A.A. (2006) ٬٬Effect of sales promotion on consumer`s buying pattern: A case study of Nigerian bottling company٫٫.

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