Ayansina, S.O: Publications


(i)  Ayansina, S. Olusola (2007): Programme Planning in Agricultural Extension in: Talabi, O. A., Alabi, J. A., Faniyi, G. F. and Oyewole, S. O. O. (eds).Practical Manual for Students of Agriculture, Oyo. Odumatt Press and Publishers. Vol.2 pp. 136-145

(ii)  Research Works/Dissertation

a)  Ayansina S.O. (2011) Farmers Perception of Public and private Extensions Services in South Western Nigeria (Unpublished Ph. Thesis, university of Ilorin, Ilorin)

b)  Ayansina, S.O. (2003) Socioeconomic Factor Associated with Adoption of Improved Cassava Varieties in Oyo State (unpublished M.Sc Thesis, University of Ilorin, Ilorin)

c)  Ayansina, S.O. (1996) Influence of Farmer’s Characteristics on Adoption of farm innovations in Akamkpa L.G.A. of cross River state. (Unpublished B.Sc thesis, University of Calabar).

(iii) Journal Articles

a)  Ogunwale, A. B., Ayoade, A. R. and Ayansina, S. O. (2006): Impact of Extension Services on Farmers’ Production Activities in Ogbomoso Agricultural Zone of Oyo state, Nigeria: Journal of Agricultural Extension Vol. 9 pp. 150-158

b) Ayansina, S. Olusola (2006): Adoption of Improved Cassava Varieties among Small Scale Farmers in Rural Areas of Ogbomoso, Oyo state. Sped Journal of Vocational and Technical Education Vol.1 (1) pp. 120-127.

c)  Ayansina, S.O. (2011) Determinants of improved Cassava Processing Technologies utilization among Rural Processor in Oyo State. Journal of Agriculture Forestry and the Social Sciences (JOAFSS). Vol 8 no 1

d) Ayansina, S. O.(2011) Differential Analysis of Farmers’ Perception of public and Private Extension Services in Southwestern Nigeria .journal of Research and Development (JOST) Article in Press.

e) Ayansina, S. O.(2011), Vocational Career Training in Agriculture; A Veritable Approach to Community Development and Poverty Reduction. Journal of Vocational Education,  Kontagora, Vol. 1,No 2.

Articles in Proceedings

(a)  Ayansina,S.O. and Ayandiji,A (2007): Analysis of Sources and Preference of Farm Information Services among Small Scale Farmers in Ogo Oluwa LGA of Oyo State. Proceedings of 16th Annual Conference of the Nigeria Rural Sociological Association (NRSA)pp,94-99.Bowen University IwoNigera

(b)  Ayansina,S.O; Oyewumi,S.O. and Ayandiji, A. (2007): Assessment of Relationship between Training and Competency of Youth Engaging in Poultry Production in Oyo Federal Constituency: Proceedings of 9th Annual Conference of Children in Agricultural Production (CIAP).pp 54-59. FCE, Oyo, Nigeria

(c)  Oguntunji,A. O;Ayandiji, A; Ayansina, S.O; and Ayorinde,K.L.(2010) Flock Characteistics and Management of Muscovy Ducks in Oyo. Proceedings of 35th Conference of Animal Production. 14-17 March 2010. University of Ibadan,Nigeria.

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