Bankole, M. O: Publications

(a) Dissertations

1. Bankole, M.O. (1975) Pathogenic Microbial flora recovered from selected foods and foodstuffs in Zaria BSc. Project research, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria

2. Bankole, M.O. (1979) The effects of additives on the microbial load of foods M.Sc Dissertation, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria.

3. Bankole, M.O. (1991) Microbiological studies on “Nono”, a Nigerian fermented milk product. Ph.D, Dissertation, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria.

(b) Books / Monographs and Chapters in Books


Articles in learned journal:

(1) Okagbue R. N. and Bankole M. O. (1992) Use of starter cultures containing Streptococcus diacetilactis, Lactobacilius brevis and Saccharomyces cerevisiae for fermenting milk for production of ngerian nono. World Journal of Microbiology & Biotechnology, 8: 215-253.

(2) Bankole M. O. and Okagbue R. N. (1992). Properties of “nono”, a Nigerian fermented milk food. Ecology of Food and Nutrition. 27: 115-149.

(3) Bankole M. O. and Okagbue R. N. (1992). The Physico-Chemical qualities of “Nono” fermented at different Temperatures. Nig. J. of Animal Production. 23: 189 – 192.

(4) Akpan, I., Bankole, M. O., A. M. Adesemowo (1999). A rapid plate culture method for screening of amylase producing microorganisms. Biotech. Techniques. 13:411-413.

(5) Akpan, I., Bankole, M. O., A. M. Adesemowo and g. O. Latunde-Dada (1999). Production of amylase by A. niger in a cheap solid medium using rice bran and agricultural materials Trop. Sci. 39:77-79.

(6) Bankole, M. O., I. Akpan and O. O. Atanda (1999). The antimicrobial effect of spices in ”Kunutsamiya”. Nigerian J. Microbiology. 13:95-97.

(7) Oluwalana S. A., Bankole, M. O., Bolaji G. A., Martins O. and Alegbeleye O. (1999). Domestic water purification using Moringa Oleifera Lam. Nigerian Journals of Forestry 29 (1&2): 28-32.

(8) Bankole, M. O., Odunsi-Fatai, R. M., and Atanda, O. O. (2000). Microbiology of Nigerian Mats. Nigerian Journal of Microbiology 14(1):47-50

(9) Ezeri G.N.O., Bankole, M. O., and A.A. Akinyemi (2001). Microorganisms associated with Cold-smoked Fish in Two Local Government Areas of Ogun State. Nigerian Journal of Microbiology 15(2): 51-56.

(10) Idowu, M.A., O.O. Atanda, M.O. Bankole, S.V.A. Uzochukwu and Olaewe (2002). An assessment of the status and product quality of some bread making industries in Abeokuta ASSET. Series B 1(1), 61-68.

(11) Bankole, M. O., M. S. Ayodele and O. T. Adejumo (2003): The antimicrobial effects of some Asteraceae commonly eaten as vegetables in southwest on some enteric pathogens. Comp. Newsi. 40:56-63.

(12) Omemu, A.M., Akpan, I, Bankole, M. O. (2004). Amylase recovery from mouldy bran of Aspergillus niger AM 07. Nigerian food Journal 22:60-64.

(13) Afolabi, O.R. and Bankole, M. O. (2004) Production, characteristics and nutritional quality of “kumin”, a Nigerian fermented fruit beverage. Asian Journal of Microbiol Biotech. Env. Sc.

(14) Bankole, M. O. (2005). The presence and types of Microorganisms in “Adoyo”, a local antimalaria herbal drink. Journal of Food Technology 3 (2): 170 – 172

(15) Bankole, M.O., Omemu, A.M. and Oladimeji, D.S. (2005). Micro organisms associated with the palms of fast food handlers in Abeokuta, Nigeria ASSET, Series B, A4 (1)

(16) Bankole, M.O., (2005). The antimicrobial effects of cream of tar-tar (KUKA) of Baobab fruit on fermented milk (NONO). Journal of food technology 3(2):173-176.

(17) Bankole, M.O., Omemu, A.M. and Adegbesan, A.M. (2005). Maize cob as a microbiological growth medium for fungi, ASSET, Series B. A4 (1).

(18) Omemu, A.M.; Akpan, I; Bankole, M.O. and Teniola, O.D. 2005. Hydrolysis of raw tuber Starches amylaseof Aspergillus niger AM07 isolated from the soil. African Journal of biotechnology 4 (1), pp. 19-25.

(19) Omemu, A.M., Edeme, M.O. and Bankole, M. O. (2005) Bacteriological assessment of street vended ready to eat (RTE) salad in Lagos, Nigeria. Nig. J. Micro 19 (1-2): 497-504.

(20) Bankole, M.O. and Omemu, A.M. (2006) Microbiological status of locally made toilet tissue. Niger Delta Biologia 6(2).

(21) Bankole, M.O. and Ogunmusere (2006). The microbial load of “Pito” in Abeokuta Area, Ogun State, Nigeria. Niger Delta Biologia 6(2).

(22) Bankole, M.O., Omemu, A.M. and Aina, M.A. (2006) Evaluation of local plant tubers as fungi Growth media. Journal of tropical forest resources 22(1).

(23) Bankole, M.O. (2006). The microflora of Pounded Yam. Niger Delta Biologia 6(2).

(24) Omemu, A.M., Bankole, M.O.; Oyewole, O.B. and Akintokun, A.K., (2007) Yeats and moulds associated with ogi – a cereal based weaning food during storage. Research Journal of Microbiology 2 (2), 141-148.

(25) Omemu, A.M., Oyewole, O.B. and Bankole, M.O. (2007) Significance of yeasts in the fermentation of maize for ogi production. Food Microbiology 24, 571-576.

(26) Afolabi, O.R., Bankole, M.O. and Minz, A. (2007). A rapid and simple protocol for extraction and purification of genomic DNA from Lcatobacillus lactis strains from Ogi – A Nigerian Fermented food. Research Journal of Cell and Molecular Biology

(27) Afolabi, O.R., Bankole, M. O. and Olaitan, O. J. (2008). Production and characterization of antimicrobial agents by lactic Acid Bacteria isolated from fermented foods. The Internet Journal of Microbiology 4 (2).


Afolabi, O.R. and Bankole, M.O. (2008). Effects of Water Location on Microorganisms Isolated from fermented foods. Journal of food Microbiology

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