Bodunde, H.A: Conferences Attended

Bodunde, Helen (2016).Gender Mainstreaming and Leadership : A Cursory Look at Tertiary Institutions in South West, Nigeria.Apaper presented at NAE Conference on SDG in Abuja Co-sponsored by UNICEF, World Bank Group, UNFPA and NAE., November, 2016 


BosedeSotiloye, RemiAduradola, AlphonsusAdebiyi, TitiFola-Adebayo Bolanle Akeredolu-Ale, Helen Bodunde and Yusuf Adeyemi (2015) Application of Web 2.0:

Using Blogs to Support Academic Literacy in a Nigerian University 9th Pan African

Literacy for all Conference and the 10th RASA National Literacy Conference held between September 2 and 5 at the Baxter Theatre, Rondebosch, Cape Town, South Africa.


BolanleAkeredolu-Ale, BosedeSotiloye,HelenBodundeand RemiAduradola (2014)

‘Impact of the Digital Age on the Teaching and Learning Of English and Communication

Skills (ECS): Exploratory Observations from a Nigerian University’ 7th Edition of  ICT for Pixel Florence Italy I

Bodunde, H. A., E. T. Popoola (2013) “Language Teachers’ use of resource materials” 

National Association of Teachers and Reseachers in English as Second

Language Conference at Elizade University, Ilara-Mokin, September 17-20

Bodunde, H. A. (2012)’ Technology and Language Teaching’ 7th International Conference For Development, Education and Training held between 23rd and 25th May,

2012 in Le Palais Des Congres De Cotonou Republic of Benin, Benin with the theme e-learning for Africa


Bodunde, H. A., E.O. Seweje (2012) Assessment of Tertiary institutions Language Teachers’ e-learning opportunities, National Association of Teachers and Researchers in English as a Second Language Conference at College of Education, Ikere Ilara-Mokin, September 5-8


Bodunde, H. A., K Adeniyi and B. S. Sotiloye (2007). Use of Drama in Attitudinal Change Among the Adolescents: UNAAB Experience. A paper presented in the 5th NATRESL Conference held between 18th and 22nd of July,2007 at FUTO, Owerri, Nigeria.


Sotiloye, B. S. and H. A. Bodunde(2007). Necessary Herculean Task: Re-writing the English Orthography A paper presented inthe 5th NATRESL Conference held between 18th and 22nd of July,2007 at FUTO, Owerri, Nigeria.

Bodunde, H. A. (2006) “English and Communication Skills in Nigerian Tertiary Institutions: The State of the Art. A paper presented at NATRESL held in Makurdi, August

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