Bodunde, H.A: Publications

A Dissertations and Thesis

Oluboyede, H.A. (1984) ‘Effect of Ekiti Phonology on English Language pronunciation of

Secondary School Students in Ekiti Central Local Government of Ondo State’.B.Ed.

project submitted to the Department of Education, University of Benin, Benin-City


Bodunde, H. A. (1991). ‘Factors Influencing Adolescents’ Attitudes to School 

Rules and Regulations in Zaria Secondary Schools’. M. Ed dissertation submitted  

to the Postgraduate School, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria.


Bodunde, H.A. (2004). ‘The Relationship between Language Policy Preference

and Implementation at the Primary School Level : Implications for Policy Re-

design’. PhD Thesis submitted to the Postgraduate School, Ahmadu Bello 

University, Zaria


b)i. Journal Articles


  • Sotiloye, B. and H. (2018). Assessment of students’ reading culture in a Nigerian University: Waxing or waning?Legon Journal of the Humanities. 29.2, 286-308

DOI:https// 29i2.11.


  • Sotiloye, B.S., Bodunde, A. and Ogundele, R. (2018) Social Media Awareness and

Utilization for Academic Activities amongst Students of Tertiary Institutions in

Abeokuta Metropolis, The Journal of Communicative English Vol 19, ISSN:07951949


  • Akintona, E, Sotiloye,B,Bodunde, H, Aina, B and Odozor, U (2017) ‘Quine’s Indeterminacy Thesis and the Problem of Semantics’ EnglishLanguageTeachingToday, 13: 48-56.


  • BosedeSotiloye, Helen Bodunde,AlphonsusAdebiyi, RemiAduradola (2016)

‘Teachers and Students’ Perception of Mobile Technology in Teaching and Learning

The Journal of Communicative English,12:112-127


  • Adebiyi A., Bodunde, Helen, W. Oluokun, I.Dare; O. S. Oyeneye (2016) ‘Language

Learning in Large Classes in Tertiary Institutions in Abeokuta:

Students’Perspectives, English Language Teaching Today, 12:


  • Sotiloye,R. Aduradola, B. Akeredolu-Ale, H. Bodunde (2015) ‘Utilising the

Digital Age Opportunities for Enriching Classroom Interaction in Higher Education: A

FUNAAB Experiment’ International Journal of Humanities, Social Sciences and Creative Arts 9:14-21


  • S.Sotiloye, H. A. Bodunde, B. I. Akeredolu-Ale, A. A. Adebiyi, R. R. Aduradola (2015) ‘English and Communication Skills in Nigerian Tertiary Institutions: The State of the Art’ English for Specific Purpose World,Issue 50: Vol. 17, 1- 21

Published by ESP World ISSN 1682-3257


  • S. Sotiloye, H. A. Bodunde, O. T. Olayemi (2015) ‘English Language Prepositions: An Albatross for English Language Learners in Nigeria’ English for Specific Purpose World, Issue 46:1-11 

  • Bodunde, H. A., B .S. Sotiloye, and S. Solomon (2014) ‘Access, Use and Attitude of

Senior Secondary School Student in Abeokuta Metropolis to Mobile Phones’.

English Language Teaching Today, 10(2 ): 221-223.


  • Aduradola, R. R, B. Sotiloye, Akeredolu-Ale and H. Bodunde (2014)Adopting a

 Learner- Friendly Approach to English Language Learners’ Speech Challenge’ English

 Language Teaching Today (ELTT), 10: 25-34.


  • Adeosun, K.G., C.A. Onifade, B. I. Akeredolu-Ale, A.Bodunde; and O. A

Adebowale (2014) ‘Communication Strategies for Resolving Work-Related Conflicts in Selected Tertiary Institutions’.Journal of Sustainable Development. 11(1):119-126


  • Lawal-Adebowale, O.A., A.Bodunde, C.A.Sodiya, Adamu, C.O., Adebayo, A.B.

And Aromolaran, A. K. (2014) ‘Effects of Agricultural Education on In-School Rural Youths’Disposition to Agriculture as Means of Livelihood in Ogun-State, Nigeria’Annals of Child and Youth Studies, 4(1)


13) Sotiloye, B.S, Helen Bodundeand E.T. Popoola (2014). ‘Gender and College as

Correlates in Listening Ability of Fresh Undergraduates at the Federal

University of Agriculture, Abeokuta’, English Language Teaching Today. 10(2):194-203.


14) Emesibe, U.N., C. Soyele, B. Sotiloye, and H. A.Bodunde(2013) ‘Parental Involvement- How Relevant to Nigerian Public Secondary School Students’ English Language Learning in the 21stCentury?English Language Teaching Today (ELTT), 10(1):38-45.


15) Helen Bodunde and BosedeSotiloye (2013). ‘A Critique of Undergraduate Students’

Writing Skill in an ESL Setting: Samples from Federal University of Agriculture,

Abeokuta’. World Journal ofEnglish Language, 3(2): 1-21.


16) Sotiloye, B. S. and H. A. Bodunde (2013). ‘Necessary Herculean Task: Re-writing the English Orthography’.International Journal of Humanities and Social Science.

3(7): 290-298.


17) TitilayoPopoola, H. A. Bodunde, and Sotiloye, B.S.(2012). ‘The relationship between Listening Instruction and Performance in Comprehension of Fresh-men of the Federal University of Agricultural Abeokuta, Nigeria’ English Language

Teaching Today, 9:80-93.

18) Fakoya, E. O., H. A. Bodunde, R.O.Coker, and B.G. Abiona (2012) ‘Assessment of Indigenous Language Competence of Extension Agents in Ogun-State, Nigeria, OIDA International Journal of Sustainable Development 04(10): 41-48.


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OIDA International Journal of Sustainable Development 04(10): 49-58.


21) Ubong Josiah, Helen Bodundeand Esther Robert (2012) ‘Patterns of English Pronunciation among Nigerian Universities undergraduates: challenges and prospects’ International Journal of Business, Humanities and Technology,

2(6), 109- 117.


22) Ebidero, M. A.,H. A. Bodunde, M.S.C.OkoloNwakaemeandO. Fakoya (2012)

‘A Descriptive Analysis of Discourse Organisation in Postgraduate Students’

Electronic Mails’.EDULEARN 12: 5969-5976.


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‘Assessment of Parent-Child on Internet Use of Senior Secondary Schools in Abeokuta’.

Journal ofHumanities, Social Sciences and Creative Arts, 6(2): 87-96.


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Drama: A Re-Appraisal of Everyman and Dr Faustus. In A. E. Eruvbetine&Udu

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of English Communication Skills: An Approach to Need Analysis’ English

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Instruction in Nigeria’.Gege: Ogun Studies in English; 5 (1): 220-233.


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 Chapters in Book

50) Aina, M. O. and Bodunde, H. (2017). ‘Pronunciation Competence of Selected Second

Language Speakers of English’ In Akin Odebunmi, Ayo Osisanwo, Helen Bodunde and

Stella Okpe(eds) Grammar Applied Linguistics and Society,A festschrift for Wale

Osisanwo, 163-176


51) Obayelu, A.E., Bodunde, H. A., and Onifade, C. A.(2019). Universities and the

Implementation of SDGs: The case of the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta,

Ogun State, Nigeria (In press)


Edited Proceeding

52)Obayelu, A. E., Bodunde, H.A. and Onifade, C.A.(2019). Universities and the

implementation of Sustainable Development Goals: the Caso of Federal University of

Agriculture, Abeokuta.Proceedings of the 333rd National Conference of Farm

 Management Association of Nigeria,Ayinde, I.A., Dipeolu,A.O. and Banmeke, TOA(Eds).

Published by FAMAN.


 53) Akintona, E., Odozor, U., Sotiloye, B., Aduradola, R., Bodunde, H. and Akeredolu-Ale,

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in Nigeria” 5th International Conference on Management,Leadership and

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55)Bodunde, Helen, BosedeSotiloye, BolanleAkeredolu-Ale, RemiAduradola, Alphonsus

Adebiyi (2017)Comparative Analysis of Communication Strategies of Two Selected

Organizations in Nigeria. Proceedings 5th International Conference on Management,

and Governance Conference,16-17 March


56)    Fapojuwo, O. E., B. S. Sotiloye, R. R. Aduradola; H. A. Bodunde and B. I.

Akeredolu-Ale (2015) ‘Using Digital Technologies to Enrich Classroom Interactions in

Higher Education: Experimental Observations from FUNAAB’ SOLSTICE Conference

2015 Edge Hill University, UK


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in the University pp. 57-73

59)Bodunde, H A (2005). Attitude to Choice of Medium of Instruction in Nigerian

Primary Schools.Proceedings of English Language Teaching Today. 2:39-44.    

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