Bodunde, H.A: Research Conducted

i Quality Education and Teacher Preparation Programme

ii Re-thinking Teacher Development Programme for Sustainable Quality Universal Primary

Education : Lessons from Millennium Development Goals

Iii Blending quantitative and qualitative methods in Language and Communication Research

iv Policy Issues and Language Teaching

v Gender equality and Gender mainstreaming in Tertiary Institutions: implications for Sustainable Development Goals

vi Emerging technologies in Second Language Teaching

v Exploring motivation in knowledge dissemination in Higher Education

On going Projects

i)Radio Programme on Awareness Raising of Sustainable Development Goals . Federal University of Agriculture Programme Radio (FUNAAB Radio) 2018 – to date

  1. ii) Baseline Research on the use of Drug and Tramadol among Youth in Ogun State 2018- to


iii) Baseline Research on the use of tranquilizers among artisans in Odeda Local Government of Ogun State

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